W.O.D. 12.7.10

Shoulder Press

Push Press


The Inanity of Overeating from the Blog of Gary Taubes who is also the author of Good Calories Bad Calories and Why We get FAT.

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
-Author Unknown

Results: SP/PP
Chris T. 75/90
Kara 65/85
Pete 145/185
Lisc C. 53/58
Sarah W 73/83
Olan 150/170
Dorothy 80/102.5
Gabe 95/105x2
Denise 65/83
Karen 85/105
Tim H. 135/165
Kathleen 60/75
Amanda 72.5/75
Katie 60.5/83
Miranda 85/105
Nikki 105/125
Steph V. 100/120
Ditty 75/80
Ironman 135/145
Shoeless 120/140
Melinda 85/120
Jay E 245/245
Jason B 145/180
Sam B 180/185
Lee 90/90
ShengChing 70/95
Sandy 62/68
Todd 140/125




Dorothy said...

What did I tell ya! Shoulder press tomorrow. It always happens that way.

Great working out with you tonight. You are getting so strong.

shoeless joe said...

Haha thanks Dorothy! I'm glad you showed up so we didn't have to work out alone. You were doing some pretty heavy split jerks!

In other news, I'm considering setting a 2011 goal of doing one unbroken set of over 100 pushups. I'm not sure how to go about this yet, but it looks like there is some decent information on the site http://hundredpushups.com/.

Would anyone be interested in chasing this goal with me? I'm thinking of setting early April as a target date.

Chris P. said...

Also, Joe, Dorothy and I were talking about starting up another "100 Day" Challenge. We actually haven't done one since being at Transaxle (last spring I think) but basically you pick an movement and add 1 for each day. So if it were the 100 Day Burpee Challenge, you would do 1 burpee the first day, 2 burpees the second day, etc. You can also do push ups, pull ups, squats, or anything else. I think Jeff Handler had the longest running count of burpees last time. It would work on the honor system as you could do the work either at home or at the box on your own time or with a group of people. Just a thought in case people wanted a goal to work on something!

Jason Lyons said...

I think the best way to practice something is to do the 100 challenge. Swine and I were not that great at double unders before we did it and it has done wonders for me and Swine is probably the best double underer I know. If you choose burpees or push-ups, be extremely careful and listen to your body. Butt arm could be in full effect. Doing 5050 burpees can lead to severe muscle damage, the same goes with anything. If you start, do not be afraid to stop if you are feeling ridiculously sore and dont be afraid to break them apart over the course of the day.

Tim P said...


It's true that high intensity exercise, weight training, and nutrition are the ingredients to body change, but there is a right way and a wrong way to approach all three. Successes come with setting specific goals for each element.
This is done keeping in mind progressive training to avoid injuries, build muscle, and reduce excess fat.

Steph V. said...

Liz Rocks.

Nikki said...

6:30 class results:

Jay E 245/245, 9:38
Jason B 145/180, 5:28
Sam B 180/185, 4:52
Lee 90/90, 9:18
ShengChing 70/95, 7:53
Sandy 62/68, 7:08
Todd 140/125, 6:43

That last number for each person is the cash out time... we did 5 rds of 10 push press (at 60% of 3RM) and 5 burpees. Great job today with the strength work and the cash out! Special props to Jay for his 20# shoulder press PR, Lee for rocking his first class and keeping excellent form tonight, and Sandy for coming in to work the overhead stuff b/c it's what she hates the most! Great class!

Chris P. said...

Jay, nice job breaking that barrier!

Sam B(eastly), is that a post-bw press??

Jen S. said...

I did this at my friend's gym in CT.

SP - 75
PP - 105

shoulder strength seems to be slipping :(

not sure what's going on...maybe lack of sleep?

Jen S. said...

Shoeless - I am planning on doing that same Hundred Pushup thing..
I'll be your pushup buddy - mine right now are terrible and always the things that slow me down during wods...that and burpees...

shoe said...

Cool Jen! Did you have any goals when you wanted to do it by? I was thinking April 7th at open gym. The program at that site says you need 6 weeks, but it might be wise to leave more time in case we need to take additional rest or can't get all the pushups for one week and need to do it over. Also, it might be fun to throw in some of our own things like a week of ring pushups or handstand pushups to jazz it up a little. Sound good? Sam B expressed interest too.