What's your functional fitness?

Dorothy- how do you "bail" that lift?

W.O.D. 12.30.10

The Beach Assault

Row to shore-1000M row
Ascend the cliff-5 rope climbs
Attack the objective-100 burpees and 100 wall balls (14#/20#)
Extract the wounded-50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (65#/95#) and a 200M Farmers Walk (35/45KB)
Descend the cliff- 5 rope climbs
Extraction-1000M row

*This will be completed in teams of 2. If the number of participants in each class is not even we will determine how many athletes are on each team. One athlete works at a time.

(compare to 11.28.09)

Class times for 12.30:
6:00AM, 12:00PM and CFKids at 3:45PM


"If you don't have time to do it right, you must have time to do it over."

Aimee/Cate 25:24
Olan/Sam D 25:46
JZ/Shoeless 34:03

Jess C./Jess S. 40:04
Sheng-Ching/Sarah S 40:00
Danny/C.Bell 28:42
WW/Gabe/Tim H. 31:26 (+25% more reps)
Kim G/Steph V 28:07
Deb/Kristin 29:25
Pat / Meghann 35:26


TP said...

6am Shivering Beach Go'ers

Kim G/Steph V 28:07
Deb/Kristin 29:25
Pat / Meghann 35:26

steph v said...

please tell the pigs to move next time so proper depth can be judged!

Jason Lyons said...

Danny, you just passed me. Rock Bottom?

Danny said...

Hey Jason! I didnt see ya. My parents are coming in from Chicago tonight, otherwise I would meet you there.