W.O.D. 5.13.18

Happy Mother's Day to all the strong CFKoP Supermom's!!!

The Lyons Press Medley 

Shoulder Press-Push Press-Push Jerk 

 Keeping a barbell in your hands throughout the sequence of the 3 movements, perform 3 reps of Shoulder Press, 3 reps of Push Press and 3 reps of Push Jerks prior to re-racking the barbell. 

 You will add weight to the barbell based on your level and ability. Perform the same sequence (3SP/3PP/3PJ) and re-rack. You will continue to increase the weight on the bar and the weight will eventually get to the point you cannot perform the Shoulder Press. At this point continue the Press Medley with only the Push Press and Push Jerk (3PP/3PJ). When the weight gets too heavy that you you fail on the Push Press you will continue the Press Medley with Push Jerks (3 reps) only. Record the top weight for each lift.

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"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent." 
-Marilyn vos Savant

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Manisha said...

Donna G 65/100/112.5
King 135/155/175
Kat 105 box back squat
Dana D 75/105/125
Meg O 90/135/150
Justin C 135/185/205
Greg 95/105/105
Cal 125/155/180

Kevin b 105/125/165 PR!
Mike C 105/125/140
Dan M 115/125/155

Manisha 60/80/85 PR!