3 Rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings  (35/55#)
12 Pull-ups

Community Notes:
There will NO Classes at CrossFit KoP on Saturday 10/26, we will resume normal schedule on Sunday 10/27.  Sorry for any inconvenience, we are hosting a SuperFit competition on Saturday please feel free to stop by and cheer on the athletes.

Tonight's strength class at 6:30PM will be held at the Annex!

"Progress in every age results only from the fact that there are some men and women who refuse to believe that what they know to be right cannot be done.”
-Russell W. Davenport


Nikki said...

Just a note to our friends at CFKOP -- If you can't stand the thought of missing your Saturday morning workout, you are welcome to drop in at CF Phoenixville / ICA this Saturday morning, free of charge. We have barbell club at 8am and regular classes at 9am and 10am. Space is limited (especially for the 9am class), so please email me (Nikki) at ironcrossathletics@gmail.com to sign up.

Good luck to all the athletes from ICA and CFKOP who are competing in SuperFit!

Nikki said...
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Paul S said...

Fugo 12:07 #26/RR
Jonathan 11:34 #45/Band
Al V. 9 Something/Row
Ryan S. 10:47 RX
Ronnie B. 13:50 #35/Band
Rich P. 13:37 #45/Band
Nicole 10:45 #35/Band
Lauren G. 13:30 Band+Boost
Kara 15:23 #35/Band
Christ 15:00 Band
Alison K. 15:05 #44/Row

Stephanie Vincent said...

6am Steve Z
14:15 row/35/RR
Kathleen 14:32 Row/RR
JK 12:16 26/Gr
Gina 12:35 Rus55/bnd
Roni 14:32 Rx+ 45#
Mike S 14:33 44#
Terry 15:10 44/ROM
Becca 17:31 MF
Kim 12:16 Rus55/RR

7am Scissors
Chip 14:49 Rx (* Only missed the top of the leaderboard by 5m! ;)
Lauren 13:36 Bl
Mark C 12:26 Rx
Nick C 12:40 Rx
Dinger 14:00 44/Bl

Chip said...

Haha thanks for the comment Steph but my time was 12:49.

Paul S said...

Steph Blowing it again.

Chris P. said...

Helen was first posted as a workout on August 9, 2003, but didn't get its name until November of that year. It was the first official CrossFit "challenge."
Glassman thought that anything sub 8 minutes would be elite, while sub 7 was unfathomable. (At the time, Greg Amundsen had an 8:25 time)
OPT has a famous video of the first sub 7 minute Helen (done at CrossFit Central in Austin I believe) and now it's common to find sub 7 Helens (at least among the Games and Regional level athletes)

just shows how far this thing has come...


Aimee Lyons said...

Mccann 10:16 Rx
Mark B 11:30 Rx
WW 14:40 ROM
PH 12:04 JPU
Travis 14:04 Row
King 10:42 Rx
Justin R 13:23 Rx
Regi 11:33 26/rr
Taryn 13:46 Row/rr
Olan 14:29 Rx
JoeJr 10:57 45/Rom
Cris 11:17 Rx+70

Aimee Lyons said...


Mary Kate 14:19 SC
Megs 11:12 RX
Joe P 13:25 RX
Gavin 14:38 45#

5:30 Mobility

Jen S
Joe P
Tim H
Justin H

Aimee Lyons said...

Agam 111:58 SC
Oleg 12:13 RX
Jessie11:54 #35/Band
Dee 14:33 #53Russ
Shawna 13:21 #26/Band
Steph C. 10:12 #26/Band
Sue L. 12:58 #26/Band
Caruso 15:52 #70Russ/Band


Good Job guys