3 Rounds for time of:
10 Yard handstand walk
20 Push Press (75/115#)
40 Double Unders

Coaches Notes:
Scale for handstand walk can be shoulder touches or a 30 second handstand hold.

Community Notes:
All weekend classes will be held at the Annex (110C DeKalb Street), meet and park there. 

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”
– George Halas


Stephanie Vincent said...

klutch 14:14 rx
erika 16:04 65, hsh
Rebecca 16:02 65, sc
Rachel 16:08 HSH, 50, Su
Roni 14:35 Rx
Nora 15:30 sc
Becca 15:54 PW, 65, DUA
Kim G 15:44 Sc

Peter W 13:38 Attempts
Lauren 14:19 PW
Oleg 14:36 sc
Dinger 16:45 PW, 75, su

Congrats to Lauren for kicking up into her first handstand hold!! Dinger its closer than you think!

If you can't already kick up and hold a handstand, some other suggestions for a scale in todays workout are Handstand kick ups/attempts, plank walk or sliders. If you are comfortable attempting to kick up into a free standing handstand I'd also suggest just going for it and doing walk attempts.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Jonathan 10:40 50/85/Du
Dianne 16:51 HSH/35/SU
Mark C 13:53 Att/45/SU
Cris A 11:41 Rx
Dave 14:13 hsh/95/SU

Paul S said...

Balmer 8:23 SC
Sue L. 13:53 SC
Nicole 14:00 SC
Susan 11:55 SC
Diane 10:15 SC
Fran 14:14 SC
Ronnie 12:17 SC
Rich 12:59 SC
Alison K. 10:03 SC
Al V. oops forgot
Kara 12:49 SC
Christ 12:06 SC
Barb 16:38 SC

Paul S said...


Mark B 9:36 95#/st/ su
Joe C 10:13 95#/st/su
Justin R 13:41 115#/st/du

ST= shoulder touch


Rye Bread 13:22 155#/st/du
Brian R 8:40 95#/ st/su
Anne B 13:30 35#/plank walk/su
Mike C 15:19 95#/st/su
Kelly 14:00 55#/hsku/du
Nathan (Virgin Islands) 12:30 RX

st= shouldr touch
hsku= handstand kick-up

Thanks to Nathan for dropping in today visiting from the Virgin Islands!

Paul S said...

Sara 5:42 SC
Kevin 9:32 (2mats)
Junia 15:20 #95/SU
Derreck 13:37 SC
Heather 9:04 SU/#60
Taryn 11:43 SU/ #55
Fayth 8:58 #45/HSH/SU
Stasie 14:43 #45/HSH/SU
Anne 10:29 #45/SU
Steph C. 11:15 #45/SU
Shawna 11:43 #35/SU