5 Rounds for time of:
Sprint 200 Meters
1 Wall Ascent 6ft/8ft
4 Ground to Shoulder Stone
8 Deficit Handstand Push ups

Coaches Notes:
Select a stone weight to challenge you. If you are not able to achieve a deficit HSPU scale back to regular HSPU.

Community Reminder:
We are hosting "Lift up Luke" tomorrow at the 9/10AM classes.  The fundraiser will support Autism awareness!

"An athlete is a normal person with the gift of an undying passion to be the best and achieve greatness." 
-Amanda Ring


Stephanie Vincent said...

PaulyD 18:40 ROM/110
MikeS 21:26 90/SB
Gina 18:35 BRR/SB/70
Terry 20:54 90/SB
Roni 19:37 70/ROM
Erika 19:32 70/SB
Klutch 19:06 110/25#plate deficit
Ellie 18:20 70/12SB
Kim G 22:24 BPU/35/SB
Dianne BPU/35/SB

Oleg 14:45 110/SB
Rachel 19:47 Att/70/sb
Mark C 18:48 110/hspu
King 18:28 110/ROM
Peter 19:04 110/hspu
Agam 18:11 att/70/rom
nick c 24:51 11/hspu
lauren 21:50 box/70/hsku

Wall Scales
5 burpees & ringrow/strict pullups
Att= Attempts
box=box to get over

Deficit HSPU Scales
HSPU= full range of motion hspu
ROM= less than full rom hspu
HSKU=handstand kick up

Unknown said...

Bre 18:31 6ft/70/2am
Derreck 17:00 8ft/140/sb
Dave 16:42 8ft/110/HSH
Jess S. 21:24 6ft/35/sb
Jess C 19:12 8ft/70/2am
Shawna 18:30 sc/35/sb
Steph C. 14:57 6ft/35/sb

Great job today everyone. Shout out to Jess C. who climbed the mens rx 8 foot wall, also to Jess S. who was not close to climbing the wall in warm ups and then crushed it during the workout. We don't climb the walls often, they are harder than you think.