Call to Action:Community Notes

We are hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, October 19th called "Lift up Luke".  Friends and community members across the world are teaming together to raise awareness and money for autism and support Josh and Mary Everett whose son Luke was diagnosed with Autism earlier in the year.  In order for us to officially participate we need YOU to sign up at our registration page.
CLICK HERE to register today to participate.  Give 5 minutes of your day to workout and support Autism Awareness.

The Super Fit competition is right around the corner on Saturday, October 26th at CrossFit KoP.  There are MANY athletes from our gym and surrounding gyms descending on CFKoP to participate in this team event.  We are in need of more judges and volunteers. If you can give a few hours of your day to help CLICK HERE to sign up.  CrossFit KoP classes will be cancelled this day in lieu of the competition.

Are you familiar with our FAQ at CFKoP? The CrossFit KoP FAQ If not use this link to check it out, you might find out some info you weren't previously aware of.  Oh and remember water isn't FREE.  We realize many of you take a water today and pay tomorrow but if you never carry cash and would like us to charge your card monthly for water please email crossfitkop@gmail.com and we will take care of this for you.

Mark your calendars... weekend classes on October 12/13, November 9/10 and November 30/Dec 1st will be held at the Annex.  

...and last but certainly not least... Festivus is on Thursday December 5th... Are you ready?  Are you new to Festivus? If so it's our annual Holiday party for CFKoP members. Come prepared with spirits and a small gift to exchange. There will be feats of strength, airing of grievances and of course the photos at the POLE! 

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