Summer Slam Details

The following information is from Barry at CFG: Please read and review, I have nominated a team captain from each of our teams to gather the info and input into the document link below.  Please confirm by a blog post once your team info is in....thank you.

Team #1 Vin, Ryan, Faby, KT, LP, Kate K (*KT Captain)

Team #2 Sam, Keith, Tobin, Andrea, Megs, Jess C  (*Megs captain)

Team #3 Jim, Gene, Mike p, Mel, Alison K, Denise (*Mel Captain)

Team #4 Wax, Balmer, Tim Mcc, Joy, Lauren, Diane (*Lauren Captain)

Greetings Affiliate Coaches,

    Hope you all are doing well. CrossFit Generation and CrossFit Newtown are hosting the 3rd Annual Summer Slam affiliate competition at CrossFit Generaton on August 17th from 8AM until 5PM.  Attached is the flyer with all the information about the event.  Registration for your teams will be done through the below google document link.  Please fill out the registration yourselves once you have your teams together. The max is 4 teams of 6 (3 guys and 3 gals) per affiliates.  If you would, please have the registration of your teams completed by Friday, June 21st.  If we do not achieve 4 teams from each affiliate on this invite list, we will be opening the event up to other affiliates to achieve the 24 team goal.  Payment of $60 for each team will be due upon arrival to CFG the day of the event.  Cash or check only please.

    Also, we will be in need of judges and volunteers for the event to help out with the day.  Please spread the word about this and let us know if you can send some of your athletes to help.  Finally, there will be food available on site from a local restaurant establishment.

    Summer Slam 2013 is going to be an awesome event this year and we are so glad your affiliate is representing.  Thank you.

Summer Slam Team Registration:


Melanie said...

Team Belles and Balls are registered!!!!

Megs said...

My team is a go!!!

Kristin T. said...

KoP Swolemates are registered!

Lauren M said...

I had trouble posting here from my phone, but my team is a go!