Sugar: The Sneaky Reality of Addiction and How You Can Beat It

Join CFKoP and Jennifer Fugo on Wednesday July 24th at 6:30PM as she presents a special workshop-Sugar: The Sneaky Reality of Addiction and How You Can Beat It.  This is a FREE seminar for CFKoP members.

Sugar's in just about everything these days and most of us are addicted.  Whether you don't care about your diet or you're a health nut, the concept of sugar moderation is completely meaningless to most.  Though sugar is clearly marked on many food products, you may have noticed that it's measured in grams.  Practically-speaking, this is one of the many ways that food companies prevent you from easily knowing how much you eat.  

What's worse is that the microbes in your gut have been trained since childhood to seek out sugary sources while your cells are dealing with the blood sugar roller coaster.  Plus, your liver can become seriously compromised even from overeating fruit (despite the sugar being "natural"). 

During this presentation, you will learn exactly what sugar addiction really looks like and why you can't just be concerned with sugar consumption.  Plus, you'll see why sugar is so disastrous for your body's gut, hormones and liver.  Jennifer will demystify the world of grams and tell you how to figure out the amount of sugar you eat on a daily basis (even if it's from fruit) and what the recommended guidelines are to keep sugar consumption at moderate levels.  You'll also leave having a better understanding about some more nutritious natural sweeteners as well as the pros and cons of each.

Fun, engaging and dynamic, expect to learn a lot and get your questions answered about sugar.
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About the presenter:
Jennifer Fugo, CHC is a certified gluten-free health coach and founder of Gluten Free School, an online resource for those seeking a truthful and empowering perspective about living a healthy gluten-free life.  As the co-founder of the popular Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse, Jennifer has helped nearly 300 people in the last year kick their gluten-free sugar addiction.  She coaches private clients as well as larger group programs through her websites on healthy, gluten-free living as well as lectures at conventions on these topics.  Jennifer has been featured in Yahoo News, CNN, eHow and Philadelphia Magazine.

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Chris P. said...

Coach Laura and I got to hang out with Jen down at PaleoFX this year. She definitely knows her stuff and has worked with a ton of people on their health and diet issues. Definitely check this out if you're looking to get beach body lean!