Family Feud WOD

Warm Up:
Whip It Obstacle Course:
must stop and do 1 squat when you hear the word whip in the song
The Family Feud
Start-> 200m Run Together

Complete the following in any order:
Kid Carry (2 Lengths of Gym)

Grown Up Assisted Pull Ups (2 for every year old year old you are)

Cargo Net Climbs (1 per team member)

Forward Rolls (3 per team member)

Med Ball Around The Worlds (30 revolutions around the whole team)

Under Overs (5 per kid)

Burpees (25 + 1 more for every year of each kids' age on team, all working at the same time)

Finish 200m Run Together
Musical Med Balls
What's your favorite stretch?

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