Mobility recap 6/17

The videos of the stretches and mashes that were demonstrated on Monday 6/17 at Gene's Mobility Class are below... If you have questions, feedback, or anything else to add, please post to comments or find Gene at the box.

Always remember when mobilizing/stretching the shoulders: External rotation, thumb up or out depending on your position. Stability of the shoulder joint is key.

Also, you are not limited to a lacrosse ball or a barbell, use one or the other for different stimuli for some of these mash stretches. If you find a knot, work on that area for a minute or two. Pain is your friend. Don't forget to test and retest.  

Shoulders-5 Banded Stretches
First Rib Mash with Barbell
Thoracic Spine Mash: (Extreme version)
Lat/Serratus Mash (Roller version)
Pec Minor and Psoas Mash (Barbell version)
Triceps Mash: (Barbell Version)
Wrist and Shoulder Prep for Snatching

Join Gene on Wednesday 6/19 at 6:30PM at the Annex for the next mobility workshop! 

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Laura Pappas said...

Thanks Gene for taking the time to share your mobility knowledge with all of us. I really appreciate it and am making mobility more of a priority going forward - I think it will really help my training.