Mobility with Gene

Mobility 101:
Join Gene at the following times/days/locations listed to learn a little more about becoming a Supple Leopard!
Sunday  6/16 12:00 pm (about an hour) – CFKoP Main
Intro Class: Basic break down of mobility and anatomical structures involved.  Some simple principles and background info and reasons for it. 

Monday 6/17 6:30 pm (30-45 minutes) - CFKoP Annex
Upper Body Mobility Class: Shoulders, Thoracic Spine, Triceps, Wrists/Forearms.

Wednesday 6/19 6:30 pm (30-45 minutes) - CFKoP Annex
Midline Musculature Class: Lumbar Spine, Abdomen, Hips and Glutes.

Saturday 6/22 12:00 pm (30-45 minutes) – CFKoP Main
Lower Extremities Class: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Adductors, Calves (Gastrocs, Soleius and Heel chord)

These sessions are FREE to all CFKoP members...see you there!


Jen "Smizzy" Smith said...

I need serious mobility work! Thank you Gene and Aimee and Jason for offering this!!

Jen "Smizzy" Smith said...
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