Congratulations to Coach Mel and Derek on the birth of
Eva Corinne! 
Born on Halloween 10/31 weighing in at 7lbs 3 oz...Both healthy and happy; Mom CrossFitted throughout her whole pregnancy!


Sam B. said...

Congrats coach mel and derek!!

Mike P said...



Mark C said...

Congratulations, Mel!

Unknown said...


Paul S said...

Congrats you two!!

Tim H said...

Congratulations, Mel!

Anonymous said...



Kathleen said...

Congratulations Mel!!!! So happy for you!!! Eva is beautiful!!!!

Gene said...

Congrats Mel!

Cate said...

Congratulations Mel and Derek! She is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Congrats Mel! So happy for you and Derek!

mikefab said...

Congrats Mel. It is Crossfit baby week. Cannot wait to see Andrew and Eva WODing together.

Joy N said...

Congrats, Mel!

Stephanie Vincent said...

So happy for you. :-) Your going to be an amazing momma!

Vinny said...

4:30 results

Lam 15:31 125
Becca 8:52 75/press
Ross 18:27 Rx
Aimee 8:37 Rx
Joe C 16:01 145/SB
Gene 17:38 Rx
JZ 16:05 115
Rob Ph 11:09 165/SB
WW 13:29 155/SB
Brian R 8:29 155/AB
Faby 9:50 Rx
Roman 11:57 145/SB
Joy 8:38 85/SB
Keith 11:11 Rx
Steph I 10:15 45/SB
Megs 18:40 95/AB
Jess Sal 12:19 73/SB

SB = stink bug
AB = ab may used

Great work tonight gang..lots of HSPUs were met with some serious intensity, I also saw some nice improvements on the power clean.

Mike and Sarah Worth said...

Congratulations!!! Eva is beautiful!

Chris P. said...

BOOM TIME! Congrats Mel and Derek!

Stasie said...

BOOM TIME or BOO TIME? Happy Halloween birth day for baby Eva. Congratulations Mel she is so sweet!

Jen S. said...

Congrats Mel & Derek!!! So excited for you to finally hold your bundle of joy. She is a cutie pie!!! xoxo