Shoulder Press

Weighted Pull-up

Community Notes:
The 2013 CrossFit Season has been announced; it's only three short months away. The Open will run from March 6th- April 7th. Registration will begin on January 30th. There is also a new Masters division 40-44. Click here to read more from the CrossFit Games page. We strongly encourage EVERYONE in the box to participate, I know I'm not alone when I say that this is what CrossFit community and competition is all about! You will set out and do things you didn't think were possible!

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-Abraham Lincoln

Arin: 68,17
Ellie: 60, mf
Maria F 65, blue
Steph 105, 17
Peter 110, 65
Kim G 50, bw
Rebecca: 60.5, 6.5
Faby: 130, 70
Jess C: 67.5, 20
Jim C: 125, 44
Paul: 165, blue
Sam: 170, 107
Ryan: 200, 55
Kate C: 80.5, 40
Kate K: 58, 32
Erika: 65, 26


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Rebecca for getting her first pull-up today WITHOUT A BAND and then doing one with 6.5 lbs!!!!!

Stephanie Vincent said...

I also so written on the board that Jess C got her firt strict Pull up....THAT IS AWESOME!! WTG