W.O.D. 8.30.11

In teams of four you will complete the following. The score for each AMRAP will be the total reps completed (of Wall balls & Push Press & Burpees). The Sled drag/Prowler push is the time component for the station rotation.

12 Minute AMRAP
Tire Sled Drag 50 feet (45#/90#)
Wall Balls (14#/20#)

rest 2 minutes - alternate

12 Minute AMRAP
Prowler Push (90# high push for ladies, low push for gents) 100 ft
Push Press (25#/45#)

Community Notes:
CrossFit KoP will be closed on Monday September 5th in observance of Labor Day. Our schedules will run as usual this Weekend with a special WOD on Saturday in honor of the 31 Heroes. We are hosting the "Go Ruck" Team at 12:00 on Saturday, if anyone would like to WOD later in the day you are welcome to come to the 12 o'clock session.

"Be willing to access joy in the face of adversity."

Kate/Roman/Megs/Tidmore: 615
Miranda/Chris S/Jess S/Mark: 517
Denise/Shoeless/Steph V/Vinny: 448
Melinduh/Aimee/Diego/Dancer: 533
Clay/Ed/Jen S/JZ: 459
Ph/Brendan/Rachael/Dorothy: 454
Olan/Brynsie/Megan/Bekah: 485
Keith/Joe C/Tamas/Danny: 448
Mike P/Nicole S/Laura P (no rest station): 691 reps
Jay E/Kim G/Kristin T (no rest station): 695 reps
JB/Vic/Linds/TP: 670 reps
Joe A. /Zach /Travis/Akeem: 387
Ditty/Charles/Arin/Lizzie: 508


Jason Lyons said...


Peterson said...

Shouldn't it be WOTD anyways?

Timothy said...

6am Prowlers
It is rare that the reps come this close after all is individually accounted for- but it ironically did.

Mike P/Nicole S/Laura P (no rest station)
691 reps

Jay E/Kim G/Kristin T (no rest station)
695 reps

930am TEAM
670 reps

Peterson said...

Anyone else confused about who Timothy was? Took me a few seconds...

Aimee Lyons said...

my apologies to to the 6AM & 9:30 crew, the 25# & 45# was supposed to be dumbbells, not a barbell...if you feel slighted you are welcome to come back at 4:30, 5:30 or 6:30 for a re-do :)

Peterson said...

Go grass fed!


Mike P said...

Um . . . . 45 pound dumbells would have sucked worse, in a beautiful way of course. . . . . . I think I'll pass on the redo and focus on the burpee 400m @ the open gym.

Anonymous said...

Konichiwa Bitches!

Tim G said...

Is there a problem with verbing nouns?

Jeff said...

WOD is as much of a verb as the word party.

Cline said...

Or poop.

Cline said...

Or lemon party.

Chris P. said...

Team 1
Joe A.
TOTAL = 387

Team 2
TOTAL = 508

Nina said...

I always miss the friggin awesome ones :( Good job to those who were able to be there!

Chris P. said...

nice work 6:30, that was a lay-down-on-the-floor-at-home-after-WODDING(jason) type of WOD.

shoutout to Travis for really pushing the intensity on the sled and tire. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone with that much intensity in a non-competition WOD

Jason Lyons said...

Olan's team may have beat Dorothy's team but Dorothy won the head to head battle

Olan: 128 reps
Dorothy: 141 reps

Stephanie Vincent said...

Hahaha OMAR you got crushed! Maybe next time your WODing will turn out better!

Jen S. said...

hahah OMAR....i will love this forever. haha i might change my fb profile to GO OMAR. :)