W.O.D. 8.12.11

Nooner - Med Ball Toss Races
(check out the extension on those tosses!)

Gene - "Mac" comes for a visit!

Team Game Day:
(Coach/Class choice depending on class size & time

A. Medicine-ball Throw: This competition is performed with a twenty-pound Dynamax Medicine-ball. Two teams of five (or teams based on class attendees) each line up on the 400M mark and end on the 800M mark. Fifteen races are held alternating the races between “least throws to goal” and “first to goal”. In the “least throws” competition, a team member throws the ball downfield, and a second picks it up at the spot of landing and throws it again downfield where a third team member throws to a fourth. Each player moves downfield to the forward most position after throwing the ball. No changing of the order or skipping of turn is allowed.

Winning the “least throws” race is done by throwing the ball across the goal line in the least number of throws. In the case of a tie, the first team to put the ball across the line wins.
The “first to goal” race is performed in identical fashion except that the win comes from getting the ball across the line before the other team. In the case of a tie, the fewest throws wins.
There is no attempt made to catch the medicine ball and it is always spotted from the point of landing not the point to which it rolls. No more than thirty seconds can be taken between each of the fifteen races. When one team gets its ball across the goal the losing team must collect its ball and run to the finish line. The finish line becomes the next race’s starting line – within 30 seconds the race is on again.


B. Two Man: Squat, Pull-up, and Run: Two man teams compete against one another. On starting, each competitor completes 160 squats, then each team must complete a total of 100 pull-ups with each member contributing fifty “two-man pull-ups”. The two-man pullup has one man assisting with a squat like push-press, pushing his teammate by the ribs or butt. The contact from the assisting team member must be at the hands and fingers only. Teammates will alternate between pulling and assisting until the duo has 100 reps from 50 each. After a team completes the 100 pull-ups both members complete a mile run. The clock stops for each team as the second member crosses the finish line.

The two-man pull-up is a classical bit of functionality from the early CF Journals and between the assisting and pulling uses all major muscle groups. Combined with high speed squatting and the mile run this workout is extremely demanding.

Diana Nyad's Cuba-to-U.S. swim has lessons for us all

Community Notes:
Happy Birthday Ditty & Denise!!

Click here for the updated heats for the King & Queen of Prussia. Howard has been added and Mike F. removed from the first two WODs - no other shifts were made.

"Some of my best friends are illusions. Been sustaining me for years."
-Sheila Ballantyne

Pat P and Mike S. 33:41 squat/pull-ups/run

Med Ball toss
Dorothy, Mac, Deigo, Tom H. - 3 1/2 rds
Kevin, Paul, Tim P & Steph J - 6 1/2 rds

Shawn/Danielle 3 1/2 Rounds
Lizzie/JP 3 1/2 Rounds

Joe A/Cline/Kevin N 4 rounds Fastest "for time" 1:02


Beat olan said...

I dreamt that olan showed up for the king and queen wearing a girls lululemon tank top. Ha ha!

Jeff said...

6AM class:

Pat P and Mike S. 33:41 squat/pull-ups/run

Nice job guys, way to fight through those partner pull-ups!

Jeff said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Ditty and Denise, hope you both have great days!

Kristin T. said...

Happy Birthday Ditty and Denise! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Hey all - my email was hacked and I don't know who received the spam. Please do NOT open any email from me without a header that has an attachment. So sorry. - Kim G

Stephanie Vincent said...
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Stephanie Vincent said...

A WOD were we get to push press someone elses ass...nice!

I am condsidering using this instead of the band for all pullup workouts going forward :-)

Haoppy Birthday Ladies.

Megs said...

Happy Birthday to two fabulous ladies! I hope you enjoy your day!!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Denise and Ditty!! Enjoy it :-)

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday to my new bride, you still have a pull up even after taking a month off! You always have the fastest elbows and I'm excited to see you push yourself into new CF territory.

Happy birthday Denise, you're next on the wedding list!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ditty and Denise. Hope you guys have an awesome day!


Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Ditty and Denise!

Denise, you improve every class, keep the intensity up and you'll keep achieving results :)

Ditty, thanks for being an awesome friend and sharing your husband with my husband lol. You got your kipping pullup prior to your wedding, and your determination and positive attitude will get you to whatever goal you set next.

Hope you both are able to enjoy this beautiful day outside!

Jason Lyons said...

happy birthday ditty and dee-dee.

ditty, you sure do have the quickest elbows in town. scary fast. if you ever wanted to be a ninja, you can totally be a black belt elbow whipper

dee-dee, your progress in such a short period of time is redonkulous. that fundi3 i did with you and katie was not that long ago and you are a different person. keep up the great work

happy birthday to the others this week that i missed too...stupid travel...

Howard said...

Happy Birthday Ditty and Denise!

Have a great day!

donkey said...

Happy birthdays, Ditty and Denise! Enjoy your day!

donkey said...

Side note: that was a TERRIFIC article. Diana has been kicking my ass with her attitude, her strength and her grace.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Ditty and Denise!

Denise said...

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!! Good luck to everyone that is competing tomorrow! I am bummed I am missing it.

TP said...

530/630 Teams!

Shawn/Danielle 3 1/2 Rounds
Lizzie/JP 3 1/2 Rounds

Joe A/Cline/Kevin N 4 rounds Fastest "for time" 1:02

TP said...

530/630 Teams!

Shawn/Danielle 3 1/2 Rounds
Lizzie/JP 3 1/2 Rounds

Joe A/Cline/Kevin N 4 rounds Fastest "for time" 1:02

KDitty said...

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!