W.O.D. 8.2.11

Start of the ladies swim for the "beach" WOD!

5 Rounds for max reps of:
Body-weight bench press (e.g., same amount on bar as you weigh)

There is NO time component to this WOD. Your score is the total reps of Bench Press and Pull-ups totalled at the end of 5 rounds.

(compare to 1.11.11)

Community Notes:
Happy Birthday Mike V!

"One man with courage makes a majority"
-Andrew Jackson


Melanie said...

If your 1RM bench isn't even near your body weight, what percentage of you 1RM do you recommend for this?

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

TP said...

6am Bench & Breakfast

Jay E 58
Mike P 91
Sam B 221

Nina 38 (135#)
Kim G 79 (55#,BluBnd)
Nicole S 104 (65#)

Nice work each athlete fighting for that extra rep each round, getting some more total points in the process, and thus building that strength component.
PR's in the house for Jay E, repping out 245# like nobody was home, and Sam B aka "the butterfly whisperer" - with 221 total reps- eager to smash his old record of 210.

shoeless said...

Happy birthday Mike! You're a huge inspiration to all of us

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike V.! Hope you have a great day.


Chris P. said...

Happy birthday Mike, one of the nicest (and strongest) guys out there

Sam B., I need you to do "JT" - 21, 15, 9 of HSPU, ring digs, and push ups

TP said...


Kevin B 100

Megan B 209(53#, Grn band)
Rachel 124(53#, blue)
Victor 83(blue)

dorothy said...

Last time I did 80lbs which is about 65% of my 1RM. I got a score of 99 and wrote in my training book that I thought it was a good weight.

TP said...

Mel- good question- so far for those that have scaled, a good measure has been right there at 70-75% of your max. Go with it, and godspeed.
Remember to use the % chart on the wall over by the barbells rack.

Melanie said...

Thank you Wendy and TP!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Hey KoPers- Back to back blog posts for me this week, figured I'd share :-). Inspired by the CF games and GMA report on Cameron Diaz being too muscular.



JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

Sandra said...


I love the new look on your blog! It so warm and inviting! And of course inspirational. Thanks for being such a positive role model for all us ladies at kop! And congrats again on your first coaching session.

Sandy ;]

donkey said...

Happy birthday, Mike V! Hope you enjoy your day :)

Jeff said...

4:30PM class:


Clay 135
Ross 111
JZ 83


Dorothy 88 (85#)
Denise 76 (53#/MF)
Rob Ph 96 (175/black)
Bonnie 31 (80#, green)
Travis 71 (135)
WW 40 (155#)
Karen 85 (85#)
Erika 69 (53#/blue)
Sharon 87 (90#)

5:30 class:


Shawn 135
Olan 124
Will 122
Chris S 103


Mark 93 (145#, black)
Diego 60 (110#)
Steph V 76 (110#, blue)
Sandy 88 (55#, green)
Kate 123 (85#)
Mel 116 (80#)
Tim H 63 (145#, blue)
Vincent Vincent 84 (150#)

Nice job everyone, great work staying under the bar for one more lift and on the pullup bars for one more rep!

TomH said...

Happy B-day, Mike!

Chris P. said...

6:30 and the results are...

Danny 111
Rob P. 170
Vinny 141

Sheng Ching 101 @75/blk
Tracy 88 @75/gr
Charles 87 @105
Tidmore 129 @105 blue
Barrett 59 @135 green
Keith 93 @135
Kristy 110 @70/black+green
KSB 104 @70

Vinny aka Rob P said...

Man, Chris I know you don't like me that much...but you gave Rob P my 170...I hope he slipped you a few bucks after the WOD...lol.

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Mike V!!!!

Rob P. said...

Yeah, the 170 belongs to Vinny and the 141 is mine.

Rob P.

Chris P. said...


if you'd like to counter-bid, let me know.

The Commish
Ebay for CrossFit Results

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Mike V - I love it when you're at the WOD you def raise the bar and keep all of us chasing you!