W.O.D. 8.10.11

A few of you might remember Doug from our early CFKoP days, he CrossFitted to climb! Check out these amazing photos from Doug's recent expedition at Ptarmigan Ridge. Congratulations Doug!

A steep portion of the Emmons-Winthrop descent.

Doug at the windy cold summit. Fabulous views of Mt. Baker, Mt. St. Helens and other volcanoes. Nothing left to do but descend ~10,000 feet via the Emmons-Winthrop

3 Rounds for time:
Run 800M
50 Air Squats

Auxiliary Climbing Work
(In honor of Doug's Climb):
Peg Board
Cargo Net Climbs
Rope Climb
Wall Ascents

Community Notes:
Happy Birthday Joe A!

This weeks CrossFit Endurance class will be held tonight (8/10) at the Upper Merion High School Track at 6:30PM with Coach Pappas. This is a little over a mile from the box off of Henderson Road.

Incase you missed it in yesterdays comments Sport Psychology-for-Elite-Fitness by Fletcher Fitness

"Acknowledge that you learn just as much, if not more, from your failures as you do from your successes."
- Jeffrey Benjamin

Manny 23:52
Paul Fal 22:06
Pat 22:02
Mike P 14:38
Howard 19:52
Kim 22:48
Keith 18:22
Ciera 27:44
Diego 19:58
Tom H. 16:22
Kevin B. 16:06
Olan 17:12
Lindsey 20:13
Victor 19:12
Joy 24:11
Becca 24:02
Ross 18:00


donkey said...

amazing photos...i never knew Doug but i am dizzy just looking at his climbing stuff!

happy birthday to Joe A! i hope you enjoy your day :)

Jon Schell said...

What exactly is Crossfit Endurance? Is that a running program?

And yes, those pics are incredible.

TomH said...

Joe A, Happy B-day!

TP said...

Results of the 6am

Manny 23:52
Paul Fal 22:06
Pat 22:02
Mike P 14:38
Howard 19:52
Kim 22:48

Today is a day to dial in on that squat depth, all the down below parallell, and then all the way up until that hip opens up.

Melanie said...

Those pictures are stunning!!!!

TP said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Jon CrossFit Endurance is a conditioning program. I get this question constantly, and there are a few ways to interpret it, but it'll mostly in the conditioning and what you want to get out of that conditioning. When we talk about conditioning, it's about getting that HR up to your personal target heart rate level, and then safely getting back down. Working within that THR level, you can safely do the most "work" or conditioning to the heart.
CFEndurance also is a different opportunity for athletes to learn another significant way to compete in programs other than CrossFit. A lot of focus you will see as we do these types of workouts will explain the reality of LongSlowDistance/Oxidative training and why it is ineffective and not being used by the pros anymore. The focus is training smarter, and not necessarily more, by doing less but with better quality. It gives you the ability to understand training for endurance type workouts, or even WODS lasting more than 15min ! -TP

Also do a search on our blog and I have written some other entries on this same topic to explain what we're going to be doing and why we're doing it.

Chris P. said...

Two old school CF KoPers: Doug, great photos man! Joe A. happy birthday you ox. Now get back on the bar!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe! Hope you have a great day.


shoeless said...

very cool pictures Doug, wish I could've gotten to know you! Happy birthday Joe A!

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Joe A, hope you have a rocking day.

Doug - your trip looks awesome, I'm jealous except it looks really cold :) Glad to see you're still keeping in touch.

JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Joe!! Have a great day.

Doug, good to see that you are putting all that crossfitting to good use. Hope all is well!

Aimee Lyons said...

The Cow has arrived!!!

Jason Lyons said...

I would be remiss if I did not chime in on Danny's post and those that followed. The first time someone came to me about this problem, I was honestly shocked. I was shocked for a few reasons.

1) I did not want to believe that the people that I consider my brothers in arms were taking a short cut...an easier path. In my mind, it undermined all that I was trying to battle through in finishing any tough workout.

2) I was surprised that someone would be ashamed to admit that they shorted reps because of the atmosphere that you guys create. Not one person in the gym thinks less of someone for modifying the workout but every single person would think less of a person that is cheating.

3) Quite frankly I was shocked that someone even noticed...when I am working out, you could be doing the jig next to me while spinning plates and I would probably not notice.

My first approach, as some of you may have noticed is to explain why it is important NOT to short reps. Quite frankly by doing so, you have absolutely no accurate way of measuring progress. Angie 1with 78 reps and you get 15:00, Angie 2 and you forget how many reps you did last time so you do 86 reps and it takes you longer. You wonder why CF is not working but it is, you just cant show it.

Then more people from the gym approached me and I knew the problem persisted. I then asked the people (plural) coming to me how they notice and there were two answers...

1) You can track benchmarks going very far back and you see some people that have completely inconsistant times. (not completely reliable mind you but at least a red flag)

2) People started coming to class early or staying late because they were curious and were going to count for some people.

The main reason for both of these searches was that these members were doubting their own gains in the gym because others were crushing them in WODs and they did not understand how.

Mind you, when multiple people complain about something, I began to wonder so there have been times when I have counted for people in question and at times, some people have shorted 40% of the reps. That is staggering to me. This was when I stopped comparing myself to everyone and limited it to a select few.

So, what can you do...
1) Focus on your gains and do not worry about those around you
2) Find people that you trust and push only against them
3) Take the person aside and talk to them...we are all adults

To all members. We aim to give you the best possible atmosphere in which to work. We also aim to guide you to the best results that your genes will allow. Shorting reps makes this second goal impossible. Please understand that and have respect for the fellow members in the gym that may be pushing against you...they deserve your honesty.


Mike P said...

. . . . for Crossfit Endurance, UMHS is at 435 Crossfield Road, right?

Stephanie Vincent said...

"Let’s stop thinking of exercise and weight loss in mechanistic terms. Let’s not think of “burning” calories by subjecting our bodies to punishment. Sure, you could grind away and, with enough volume and intensity, “burn” off calories through sheer force of will. If your only concern is that you maintain low body fat, you could eat a bad diet and run fifteen miles a day. I did, and I was skinny. It “works.” But isn’t it much more freeing to realize that 80% of your body comp will come through proper diet, meaning you don’t have to grind on the treadmill and you can instead explore the joy of movement for its own sake?" -mark sisson

Found this quote from Mark Sisson and wanted to share it. I didn't think of it in terms of the "cheating" conversation, but it can relate. If the focus is on the JOY of your own workout and what it provides for your life, it really doesn't matter what anyone else does. The fastest way to your greatest possiblies is through you pushing against yourself, your own limitations, giving your all to every workout and every rep. Competition is healthy, but the fire comes from within not those you compete against.

Megs said...

Happy Birthday, Joe A!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Congratulations to all the nooners for the "Rx" on that WOD, everyone was below depth on the squat and full extension on the top!

The race between Tom H and Kevin B to the finish was epic!

Ciera- Way to finish, you did GREAT!

Joe A said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!!

If anyone is interested I'm getting a volleyball team together to play in the Philly sport and social club for wednesday nights in king of prussia.
Shoot me an email abrajos@hotmail.com

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

CFKoPEndurance said...

Mike, that's it, can't miss it. The track is the huge field across from the high school.

TomH said...

Aimee, the better athlete, Kevin B., won that one. But between Kevin B and I, we total 92 years. What was the younger generation doing during the nooner? Letting two old men finish in front of them. (Well, Kevin's 44 years young -- so let me qualify that). Still, I'm expecting better next time from these young whippersnappers.

Keith B said...

My time was actually 18:32 not 18:22

Aimee Lyons said...

Tom H. way to lay out that smack talk, have you ever met Dorothy?

TomH said...

Aimee, yes I know Dorothy. She's competing with Olan, however, a far more worthy target than me. As for smack talk, I was happy today not to finish near or at the back of the pack. Which as my fellow nooners could point is where I usually finish. No matter -- so long as I show up and finish the WOD, it's all good.

Tim P said...


JP 25:52
Rob Ph 20:48
Kelli 19:58
Josh 16:18
WW 21:47 box
Joe C 20:59
Nick 18:04
Mike T 15:50

Hey...Nice Depth!

Tim P said...


JP 25:52
Rob Ph 20:48
Kelli 19:58
Josh 16:18
WW 21:47 box
Joe C 20:59
Nick 18:04
Mike T 15:50

Hey...Nice Depth!

Anonymous said...

Be responsible for your own workout and don't worry about anybody else. It is a workout, not a sport. Don't impose your guidelines on others. Some people just want some exercise and not to compete with you.

Donkey said...

To anonymous: that's fine if that is what some are there to do. Then those people should understand the nature and character of our gym and respect that most people are there to track, measure and improve.

If you, Anonymous, or anyone else wants to recuse yourselves from the competitive nature of our gym then you are always welcome to simply decline to post your time on the board. And for those who actively cheat and then run around bragging about your time, which is actually the issue people are upset about, you really should check yourself. People are noticing and I can't think of a group of people whose respect is more worthy of maintaining.

Josh Sw said...

Happy birthday Joe, 30 years old...or did you cheat and you are really 32??

flounder said...

amen donkey

Chris P. said...

5:30 and 6:30 Run/Squat/Scale

Ditty 21:14
Denise 21:32
Mel 18:04
Tracy 21:36
Kate 14:17
Meighan 17:11
Josh Sw 18:15
Flounder 19:48
Todd 15:47
Tony 15:06
Mahin 22:30
Golden 14:59
Rob Pl 15:55
Jess C 23:51
Kristin T 7:22 (half)
Lizzie 18:44
Shawn 16:10
Pooch 19:46
Dan B 16:56
Joe A 21:42
Krista 14:20 200m runs
Randy 21:36

Welcome Mahin and Golden to their second class. Nice work on the climbing today; Mel got over the wall for the second time, Tracy for the first, Josh Sw over the 8, and some nice rope climbing, (legless, L-sit...next is upside down!)

Joe A said...

Josh there are a couple of years that I didn't count in my age due to lack of ROM

Donkey said...

Joe A: that was hilarious.

Megs said...

I did 25 pushups instead of 50 air squats.


donkey said...

@TomH: "whippersnappers"? yesterday's blog was full of win.

i think we old people should challenge the box's young folk to a head-to-head.

i personally think we'd kill them.

TomH said...

@donkey From my extensive study of cartoons -- print & tv, "whippersnapper" is something that an old f*rt like myself is supposed to say. If only I knew earlier that limiting your ROM was the key to staying young. But then when I think about the fun I've had fully extended...I'll stay with a full ROM for now. Just think you get more out of life if you don't stop yourself short. As for challenging the younger folks head-2-head, well, right now I'm having a blast and benefitting from just trying to keep up with the group and finish the WODs. So I'm good already and challenged enough as is.