At CrossFit KoP we are constantly trying to evolve our facility, classes and quality of training to be the best out there! You should have already noticed the addition of the CrossFit Endurance classes. Monthly we will post dates for you to continue to train with Coach Pappas, remember he also does private running sessions for anyone training for fall races!

September CFEndo Classes:

Wednesday 9/7 at 6:30PM
Tuesday 9/13 at 5:30PM - bring your bike!
Monday 9/19 at 5:30PM

For Fall we are adding more CF Classes:
Monday 3:30PM
Thursday 4:30PM

We have now added a weekend CFKids class ages 7-16:
Sunday 2:30PM

Barbell Strength will continue:
Thursday at 5:30PM *(1/2 hour shift based on the addition of the 4:30PM Thursday class)
Saturday at 11:00AM

...and we will be adding a WESTSIDE Barbell Class:
Monday at 7:30PM
Friday at 7:30PM

*(this will be based on the conjugate method of Louie Simmons with a CF flair - Coach Donkey will be leading these sessions). You can also continue your Wendler program from Barbell Strength at these times. More info coming soon regarding this program.

Sports Series:
Don't forget about our Flag/Touch Football game starting on September 25th, click here for more details.



JZuck said...

Thanks for all the new classes!!

Denise said...

This is awesome!!! Thank you guys :)

Unknown said...

This is great. Several questions:

1) Can the endurance wod's be posted on the blog in advance? That way I can decide if I'd rather do endurance or the regular wod.
2) What type of bike is necessary for the endurance WOD in September? Road or mountain? I've only got a road bike with clip in shoes.
3) Can someone explain what the different types of strength classes are? What is wendler vs westside vs regular barbell?


Tim P said...

Kate, you beat me to the post, but I was going to answer this same type of question.

1.YES, from now on, we can post the endurance wod a day or two before the date as this can help you avoid doubling up too much when not necessary.

2. The Sept 13th date is just to feel out a group road cycle ride. We will cover maybe 10-15miles depending on how you are feeling and we will train keeping in mind power output, and interval work similar to what we have done on the track. This will actually be like a spinning class, but on the actual bike. We will use the river trail just over the bridge form the box as a start and ending point.

I've done lots of miles on the road training for various distances in triathlon over the past few years so I am excited & confident in my experience that you will enjoy the benefits of this conditioning ride. Also, quite a few people have asked about this, so grab your bike and lets ride together, keeping it constantly varied.

donkey said...

A post regarding the various barbell/strength/westside/wendler choices will be coming tomorrow, Kate!

Patti said...

Love the 330pm time!! I can make the wod and still get to work in the city on time without rushing!!! Thanks:))