W.O.D. 8.9.11

Weighted Pull-up (chest to bar if you can)

In teams of 3 complete the following:
As many reps as possible in 10 minutes
Ground to Shoulder Atlas Stone (90#/155#)
Ground to Shoulder Keg (small/large)

Atlas Stone weight can be scaled according to level and ability.


"Never let a day pass that you will have cause to say, 'I will do better tomorrow."
- Brigham Young

Jay E 56# Pullup, 23Kegs@135#, 18Stones@150#
Mike P 80#, 43stones@90#
Manny BWPullups, 59stones@30#
Kim G 7Kegs@55#
Nicole S 27#Pullup, 22Stones@60#
Diego 35#Pullup, 25Stones@90#
Victor 26.5Pullup, 35Stones@112#

Danny: 70 (31 lifts)
Shawn: 69 (26 lifts)
Shoeless: 58 (14 lifts)
Flounder: BW (42 lifts)
Kathleen: MF (56 lifts)
Megs: 31.5 (60 lifts)
Alex: MF (45 lifts)
Team total: 274 lifts

Chris S: 40 (30 lifts)
Brynsie: 75 (38 lifts)
Mark: 18 (38 lifts)
Kate: 30 (62 lifts)
Erika: 12 (57 lifts)
Steph E: GRN (30 lifts)
Sandy: BMF (55 lifts)
Team total: 310 lifts

Rob Ph: BMF (59 lifts)
Dorothy: 24 (39 lifts)
Sharon: 24 (26 lifts)
Team total: 124 lifts

Aimee: 57 (15 lifts?)
Lindsey: BMF (54 lifts)
JZ: 53 (17 lifts)
Team total: 86 lifts


donkey said...

interesting article, and i can confirm that the addition of chocolate to tonight's pre-WOD nutrition seemed to help me :)

that said, i am left wondering how they convinced the mice to run to exhaustion. a bit creepy!

Stephanie Vincent said...
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Stephanie Vincent said...


Since there are a lot of newer members around, I wanted to make sure you were aware of our facebook group for cfkop members. Check it out!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Check out this event- the 5 ton 5k. I went last year and it was good fun (with my own personal coach (thanks donks!) to get me through the most running I had ever done before.) Its open to all levels of ability. I'm going to go again this year, if anyone wants to come!


donkey said...

watch. i'll enter it this year and they'll put friggin thrusters and wallballs in it.

Jen S. said...

I love chocolate :) yum!

Jon Schell said...

Does that article mean we should eat 3-4 M&Ms before a workout? Dollar-for-dollar that's gotta be the cheapest supplement ever made.

TP said...


Jay E 56# Pullup, 23Kegs@135#, 18Stones@150#
Mike P 80#, 43stones@90#
Manny BWPullups, 59stones@30#
Kim G 7Kegs@55#
Nicole S 27#Pullup, 22Stones@60#
Diego 35#Pullup, 25Stones@90#
Victor 26.5Pullup, 35Stones@112#

Danny said...

“I never cheat. There is no honor in cheating. What joy can there be in a victory I did not earn?” (Lisbeth Darsh, CF Watertown) You heard your Mom and Dad say it. You heard your teachers say it. Cheaters never prosper.

Crossfit is a sport....for those who disagree just look at the Crossfit Games. At the Games level as well as the local gym level, we are still one big community. One thing that has bothered me as time has gone on in my short crossfit career is people who cheat. In sports, if you cheat you lose, your team loses and in most cases the community/city that supports you loses as well.

By cheating you compromise your integrity as well as the integrity of the gym. How could one ever feel a victory in something they truly didn’t earn? A victory can be being crowned king of Prussia this weekend, your first unassisted pull up, your first RX’d WOD. I don’t think an explanation is needed on how you compromise the integrity of the gym.

Cheaters only cheat themselves. The rep counts in our WODS are set for a reason. If you cheat them, you’re cheating your body. Plainly stated: you will not get the results you desire. And, what about if you decide to take your CrossFitting to another level and WOD competitively? Let’s see if the two judges assigned to watch your form and count your reps toss you a few freebees.

We are all in this glorious struggle that we call CrossFit together. If you cheat, it makes your fellow athletes feel like they falling behind. Don’t make other athletes in the gym feel like “slugs” because you are blowing through WODS illegally.

I just know that it is human nature to want to perform well and be the best. One very simple solution to this, do not put RX by your name if you didn’t RX a work out. Not RX’ing a workout is not just on form but also reps. If you did 60 percent of the rep load put Damn Close by your name. If it will make you feel better, put VDM-Very Damn Close.

Mike P said...

@ Danny - well said. . . . I've only been doing this for two months, and I'm just as stoked to learn/try something new - even if (and usually) scaled - as I am when I hit the occasional Rx.

Chris P. said...

Danny, this article was floating around a few weeks ago about cheating in CrossFit:


Melanie said...

Great article Plentus.
And Danny, I hope people think about your post and what they are doing when they cheat. I can understand the occassional slip up (because we all know CrossFit math is hard) but only if it is an honest mistake. If that happens, man up to it. If you lose count in the middle of a WOD, then do more reps then you think you should. But those that continually incorporate cheating into their WODs isn't helping anyone. Jason is always preaching to us about being honest with ourselves and if you are, then you walk out of that box feeling much better about your workout. Those that do cheat should obviously now realize that they aren't fooling anyone and people are beginning to notice!

Aimee Lyons said...

"Team" I seem to have left you down in reps lifted of the stone & keg...sorry about that :) I kinda lost count after JZ threw the keg at me :)

Aimee Lyons said...

JZ- you know I'm only kidding...haha!

Chris P. said...

6:30 Stoners
Barrett ring rows 62 reps
Dianne ring rows 42 reps
Nathan ring rows 65 reps
Tidmore 38# 107 reps
Keith 65# 48 reps
Jen S. 20#c2b 115
Team 1 Total: 439

Sam B. 50#c2b,100# 55 reps
Vincent 50# 36 reps
Vinny 120# 56 reps
Tony 100#(120dc) 28 reps
Charles 22# 28 reps
Jason Ba. 50# 70 reps
Tim H. blue 38 reps
Team 2 Total: 309

good stuff everyone. If you don't have a deadhang yet, work on those rings and negatives to get your strength up. Also, Dianne, don't underestimate yourself. You went from the 30# to 60# stone no problem!

JZuck said...

Aimee, I didn't mean to throw it at you!! I was trying to hit the other team, it just took a bad bounce!

Aimee Lyons said...

Yeah JZ...it musta been that last minute team switch or that hot new girl who came in tonight which distracted you. I believe her initials happen to be JZ also ;)

Chris P. said...

uh oh JZ, you better not tell your wife about this new girl. I wouldn't want them to cross paths.