W.O.D. 6.5.11

AMRAP in 20
200m sprints
rest 30 seconds between sprints

Community Reminder:
CrossFit Endurance Class starts June 7th, click here for more information or ask Coach Pappas for more info the next time you are at the box.

"Live with no time out"
-Simone de Beauvior


Peterson said...

Sounds to me like crossfit endurance starts tomorrow! Have fun everyone and good luck team KoP!

Tim P said...

9am Results
Jason B 17 rounds
Jess Sag 13
Kim G 12
Mr. Gallagher 14
Sheng-Chg 11
Rhonda 12

Nicole S 13
Jess C 13

Great interval workout today guys and girls! a nice appetizer for the upcoming endurance classes! Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning!