W.O.D. 6.16.11

Dueling Push-ups: Kate & Keith

Nicole Mc

Melissa taking flight

AMRAP-As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible

3 Minutes
Max Back Squats *(body weight)

5 Minutes
10 Deadlifts *(body weight)
10 Box Jumps (20/21"-24/25")

10 Minutes
200M Sprint
5 Burpees
15 Push-ups

Coaches Notes:
You must use the same amount of weight on the back squat and deadlift. If you cannot use your body weight on these exercises scale according to level and ability but each athlete only gets one bar. Rest 1 minute between AMRAPs.

Community Notes:
This weekend we will be hosting a CrossFit Level 1 Certification therefore in lieu of our regularly scheduled classes during the weekend we will be having a 10AM class on both Saturday and & Sunday. Meet and park at frosty falls for "Nikki & Jeff's - out of the box WOD". Friends and relatives are welcome, this is a FREE class!

This weekend there will be no Barbell Strength or Kids class. Sorry for any inconvenience.

There is Barbell Strength class tonight at 5:00PM.

Please remember to sign up daily for class via MindBody Online. Click here to sign up for class. To learn how to sign up, click here.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."
Leo Tolstoy

Doreen 21,3,3
Nicole S 18,4,3
TimGantz 21,2,3
Nina 26,3,4
Olan 35,4,4
Peterson 14,3,4
Kara 18@100#,4,3
Dorothy 17,3,3 (21"/135#)
Karen 27,3,3 (20"/105#)
Jeff 32,3,4 (25"/155#)
Melissa 40,3,3 (13"/35#)
Keith 33,2,3 (25"/BW)
Kate 23,5,4 (21"/BW)
Nicole Mc 30,4,3 (17"35#)
Mike T. 39, 3, 4 (30"/BW)
Killa B. 20, 3, 3 (22"/BW)


Jason Lyons said...


Just a reminder that today is BARBELL STRENGTH, NOT OPEN GYM. The intention of this class is for people to work on strength, i.e. one rep max, Wendeler program, Westside stuff, etc. It is NOT to do any workout you want. We have open gyms the first thursday of every month.

Also, please note that as Barbell Strength, it is a regular class with a time slot of 5-6, NOT 5-7. We will be wrapping up at 6 so please be aware.


Tim P said...

7am Results

bodyweight unless otherwise noted! Nice work on this 18min.

Doreen 21backsquats, 3rounds, 3rounds
Nicole S 18, 4, 3
TimGantz 21, 2, 3
Nina 26@155#, 3, 4
Olan 35, 4, 4
Peterson 14, 3, 4
Kara 18@100#, 4, 3

Nina said...

Hey Tim..That is my bodyweight lol..not trying to be an over-achiever at the moment

Dorothy said...

Nice job!

I can't believe you actually got out of bed that early....or was that BEFORE you went to bed. ha ha!