CrossFit KoP Endurance Class

The CFKoP Endurance Class will be held twice monthly. The dates, times and locations will vary according to the workout. Sometimes the WOD will be at the local Upper Merion High School Track, sometimes it will be on the river trail over the bridge, and sometimes it will be around own home box location. We will post the dates/locations early in the month. This will count as a regular class towards your 2x/3x or unlimited membership.

June CFEndurance Class:
Tuesday June 7th at 6:30PM (meet at the box)
Wednesday June 22nd at 5:30PM (meet at the box)

CrossFit Endurance Description:
This class will allow CrossFit Athletes to still CrossFit and compete in endurance sports and bring a standard to running, swimming, and cycling. This class will give an opportunity for endurance athletes to learn another significant way to effectively train for any event they wish to compete in. We will build on increasing your lung capacity through various interval workouts.


Charles said...

Will regular classes still be held at these times?

Aimee Lyons said...

Yes Charles, there will be regular classes held when the Endurance class is going on- the Endurance Class will not be in substitution of a regular class. There are NO changes to the regular schedule. The CF Endurance class will change date/s and time/s monthly throughout the year.

Eric said...


Graema 17:20 19.6/SU
Aislinn 18:00 19.6/SU
Andrea 18:49 26.5/18
Ashley 17:55 26.5
Plentus 27:37 70+VEST GHD
Olan 27:30 Rx
WW 24:03
Josh C 17:29
Josh S 18:56 35
Rob Ph 20:59 55/SU
Breanna 20:21 25KB
Jackie 25:07 26.5/SU
Steph V 25:02 Rx
Shawn T 23:10 Rx
Gabe 22:17 45DU Abmt
John G 24:34 53/SU

Eric said...


D 26:24 Rx
Katie F 22:35 26.5/SU
Laura 17:06 Rx
JEN! 17:48 Rx
Andrea 9:48 start@30 18/SU
Todd 23:23 Rx
Jeff 20:31 Rx
Sandy 23:32 26.5/SU
Tim 17:06 Rx