W.O.D. 6.2.11

5 rounds for time of:
1 Rope climb (15'/20')
3 Wall ascents (6'/8')
10 Knees to Elbows

Against the Grain by L. Pappas

Community Notes:
Who wants in on the next Cow from the Philly Cow Share? The time line would be a July 14th Slaughter for Delivery week of August 8th. Post to comments if you are interested.

"Ideals are like the stars: we never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by them."
-Carl Schurz


Howard said...

Good luck to the CrossFit KOP Team at Regionals.

Dorothy said...

Good luck Team KOP. You may not be the strongest or the fastest team there, but what will put you above the rest is that you have the most heart. We are all very proud of you. You guys are amazing! Have fun!

Chris P. said...

actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they WERE the strongest and fastest team, especially with this WOD selection.

Go get 'em KoP, no matter what happens we're proud of you!

Tim P said...

7am Tactile Training Inc.

Kate 16:04

Cline 17:09 6'wall, 15'rope
Peterson 14:43 6'wall, 20' rope
Sheng-Ching 17:20 rope attempts, 6'wall, KTE attpts
Megs 17:57 6'wall, rope scale
Steph V 18:02 6'wall, rope scale

Mike S said...

Best wishes to the CrossFit KOP team at the Regionals. You've trained hard, you are prepared, go get it!

Jay E said...

Jay E

Nikki said...

Thanks guys! We'll do our best to make you proud! We have 2 WODs a day starting Friday; the top 10 teams make it to Sunday. We WILL be among them!!! I'll post updates to Facebook regarding our WOD results and overall rankings.

Special thanks to all the KOPers coming to VA to cheer us on. It's gonna be a blast. Sooo psyched!

Laura Pappas said...

Good luck Team KoP, Nikki thanks for helping to keep us updated and I agree, you WILL make it to Sunday.

Cline said...

Yeah, kick some well-toned ass Team KOP!

I'll give you the same advice that my dad gave me before every Little League game:

"If you don't win, your Mom & I will abandon you in the woods. Your life will be nothing but a Dickensian tableau of pain and hunger. Oh, and use 2 hands when you catch the goddamn ball."

Cline said...

I don't know if these are CF-approved, but they're a cool way to present workouts:

A different kind of hero workout.

Also, the web site with the workouts has a great name.

Anonymous said...

govt fails us again:

Steph V said...

@cline- someone PULEASE teach chad how to squat!!

Nina said...

Good luck team KOP!

Tim P said...

12 noon Results
Great efforts today class, good solid will to get over that wall and fight.

Jen S 14:06
Olan 16:02

Karen 17:12 box wall scale, rope scale
Karate Kevin 17:38 8' wall, rope scale
Kara 15:08 box wall scale, rope attempts
Melissa 17:42 box wall scale, rope scale
Keith 19:19 6' wall, scaled rope
Sharon 19:39, rope climb attempts

Tim P said...


6/2 WOD

Kevin Y 15:14
Tony 12:51
TP 12:58

Shoeless 21:45 15'rope
Travis 18:40 6'wall, rope scale
Melinda 23:09 KTE att, box wall scale
John 11:09 wall scale, bench scale
Jason B 17:30, 15' rope

Killa B 17:16

Laura 5:19 Rx (3min PR?!?!?!)