W.O.D. 10.26.10

5 Rounds for time of:
400 M Run
15 Over Head Squats (95/65#)

"Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period."
- Lou Holtz


Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

Our Tuesday/Thursday CrossFit kids classes will be cancelled for this week, and until further notice. Thank you for your understanding!

Contact me at nikki@crossfitkop.com with any questions.

Cate said...

Results from 9:30

Kara 20:18 35 lbs
Chris 19:53 35 lbs
Diann 20:10 row 500/15lbs
Olan 23:45 85 lbs
Deb 16:00 Rx
Donkey 24:56 row 500/65 lbs
Jen C 14:44 Rx
Cate 16:41 Rx
Jenny 17:07 pvc

Impressive performances by everyone!! It was great to see everyone working so hard.

Tim P said...

Wow, many new members this month as October closes...
Tip of the Week:

Don't forget to introduce yourself to others in the gym!

Nikki said...

4:30 Results
Hannah 19:45 (Rx+, 75)
Jeff 19:11 (Rx)
Nikki 15:21 (Rx)
Tim P 12:47 (Rx)
Vinny 18:44 (Rx)
Jerry 20:41 (Rx, box)
Karen 23:30 (35)
Gina 20:02 (45)
Rachael 19:38 (35)

Nikki said...

5:30 Results

Jay E 22:12 (Rx+, 115)
Jen S 18:13 (Rx)
Miranda 19:47 (Rx)
Mike Fab 18:56 (Rx)
Laura 16:55 (Rx)
Joe M 21:16 (Rx)
Steph V23:36 (22, wall)
Mel 18:52 (50)
Flounder 20:49 (45)
JZ 17:33 (75)
Plentus 17:58 (85)
Dana 21:18 (45)
Melinda 23:13 (50)
Liz 20:06 (45)

Chris P. said...

6:30 sideways squatters

Sheng Ching 24:28 (45)
Kathleen 19:18 (35)
Jen N 20:13 (35)
Mike B 18:50 (Rx)
Wendy 18:56 (15)
Danny 16:33 (Rx)
Brian 18:38 (Rx)
Tori 17:30 (35 to box)
Lisa 21:32 (35 and row)

A few notes: Wendy and Tori, congrats on your first double unders!!! that is a huge breakthrough and now you have the confidence to get them. Danny, great push at the end, same for Sheng Ching, way to hold onto that bar! Brian, thanks for visiting from CF Hoboken, come back soon!

Jerry said...

Hey Nikki -
If you could take the RX away from my name... I did have the box behind me...but the only thing it did was hold my water bottle.. since I wasn't within 4 inches of the box all night..
I should of gone with a lighter weight and had more depth than do whatever it was I was doing with the 95... Thanks...

donkey said...

Jerry: Way to keep it real, dude. Thanks for speaking up like that. Holding ourselves accountable to standards is a big reason why I love the people who come to crossfit.

Gina Fab said...

I dropped to 35lbs!