Mental preparation for the WallBall...
Happy Birthday Ken!

W.O.D. 10.21.10

For time:
Row 2K
50 Wallballs *
Row 1K
35 Wallballs
Row 500 meters
20 Walballs

*Wallballs are (14#/20#) to a 9ft/10ft target

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.
-Scott Hamilton

Steph V: 26:17
Donkey: 29:01
Cate: 24:12
Aimee: 27:27
Tim P: 21:07
Tim G: 23:24

Ken: 31:31 (20#)
Dianne: 31:40 (10#)
Katie: 30:17 (10#)
Bekah: 26:47 (8')


TP said...

6am Results
"Balls to the Wall"

Tim G 23:24
Bekah 26:47 (8ft)

Tim and Bekah utilized a good amount of time in the boat, and a chance to work on form and consistency, as well as staying focussed.

Anonymous said...

local powerlifting competition coming up...you can compete in dead, backsquat, bench..one or all the lifts. You will have to wear a singlet tho!! would be great to see some crossfit represent!

Chris P. said...

Brian (from CF Hoboken) 24:07

donkey said...

look at that depth of squat! yeah ken, way to get low, buddy :)

happy birthday, btw.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ken!! Hope it was a great one!

Ken B. said...


Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Ken!.. (belated now I guess).. Hope it was a great one!