Barbells for Boobs is this Saturday, October 16th at CrossFit King of Prussia

It's time to start getting excited. We have a spectacular event planned for an amazing cause-Mammograms in Action.

What to expect:

A $20 donation to Mammograms in Action will be your admission to CrossFit KoP for Barbells for Boobs. You will receive a FREE t-shirt and have the opportunity to give it a go at the WOD - GRACE. Celebratory "Lionshead" head will also be on hand for all participants. Spectators or non-participants are welcome to donate or just observe.

We will be hosting a huge trunk show with the latest fashions courtesy of Lululemon Athletica. The top male and female winner will win a Lululemon outfit -head to toe!

Top male and female will also be awarded $30 gift certificate for Dry-cleaning and $20 gift certificate for Tailoring/Alterations at Sooki, thanks to Lisa Choi!

Winners will also be awarded a JourneyMan Pack from Steve's Club.

Dr. Jonathan Kropf, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Phsyician from Westside Wellness Chiropractic Center, will be donating in kind services including performance and/or injury consultations for all participants of the event. A consult may include a brief structural and functional evaluation, assessment of joint range-of-motion and gait and if needed, a brief hands on session of Active Release Techniques (ART).

Raffles donations from -($1 per raffle ticket):
Bosom Buddies 50$ gift certificate
CFKoP - Free Month
1 Hour personal training session with Aimee
1 Hour personal training session with Jason
1 Hour personal training session with Tim
1 Hour personal training session with Chris
1 Hour personal training session with Nikki
Peppers Italian restaurant 25$ gift certificate
Jimmy Johns catering party for 15-20 people
Italian Wine Gift Basket (50$ value)
Manicure at Unique Nails
Lululemon gift bag
High Street Cafe
1 hour therapeutic massage and chiropractic consult at Atlas
Susanna Foo 100$ Gift Certificate and Cook book
Kids Basket
Coffee Basket
Dolce Vita 30$ Gift Certificate

Station Competitions-(1$ raffle ticket for chance to "play"):
Prize $25 for winner in each category.

A-cup - Max rep deadlifts in a minute (135#/95#)
B-cup - Consecutive giant jump ropes
C-cup - Max Rep Wall-balls shots in a minute 14# above 9ft target for ladies and 20# above 10ft target for men
D-cup - Max wall ascents in one minute (using the 6' wall)

and more on the way...stay posted all week for updates!

Kids WOD/Obstacle course@ 12:00PM to be announced that day.

Team WOD @ 2PM - 4 people on a team (4$ per team, $1 per person):
Having 2 bars set up, one with 135, one with 95, one man and woman work at a time. (4 minutes of HPC), 1 min rest, (4 minutes of air squats), 1 min rest, (4 minutes of push-ups), 1 min rest, (4 min of deadlifts).

All proceeds from the day will go to Mammograms in action and any checks should be made out to Mammograms in Action as well!


"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it."
-C.C. Scott


Steph v said...

What time will he heats for grace actually be running?

Aimee Lyons said...

Heats starting at 10AM running through 2PM (or longer if necessary) we can't announce heats until we have judges confirmed. Hopefully by Friday we will have that locked down

Meighan said...

Aimee - I will be there to judge as well if you need more help.

Are the teams all female/all male? I thought thats what the last update post said...

Aimee Lyons said...

Meighan- We switched things up (constantly varied), teams of all male or all female are great or co-ed. The option will be there for either group dynamic.

Chris P. said...

is Jen S. going to stand outside in that outfit to bring people in??

Anonymous said...

Is Jen S married?