W.O.D. 11.1.10
100 Over Head Squats (65#/95#)
100 Push Press (65#/95#)
partition reps any way you like

This workout is created to be a sub 20 minute workout- scale rep load to 50 reps if necessary to maintain a time in the sub 20 minute domain or scale weight.
Happy Birthday Melinda!

"The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything."
-Edward Phelps


Miranda said...

Happy Monday! There was a request on here about a week ago for some songs...
Hot Tottie - Usher
I Like It-Enrique Inglesia
Gold Guns Girls - Metric
I Get Off - Hailstorm
Any Nine Inch Nails

Happy Birthday Melinda!

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday Melinda, do it for the quads!!

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Melinda!! Hope it is wonderful!

Cate said...

Happy Birthday Melinda! xronia polla! :-)

9:30 results:
Sam 25:50 85 lbs
Chris 20:34 45 lbs
Kara 19:11 45/35 lbs
Melinda 19:10 50 lbs
Pete 18:53 85 lbs
Cate 13:34 rx

Nice work everyone!!

Jason Lyons said...

sweet jesus cate. ANIMAL!

Aim and I hope that everyone is doing great. We can tell you are by the numbers that you are all putting up. You will start seeing us around the gym again in the near future. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call us.

Chloe is doing great. She has been off of oxygen for several days now and they removed her IV last week. She has almost mastered her body temperature so she should be able to come out of her plastic house in two days. After that, we just need to fatten her up so that she can maintain her body temperature and still have energy to eat without a tube. Right now she tuckers out sometimes and needs to be fed with the tube. We are confident that she will overcome that soon...after all, look at her dad. :) We are hoping to have her home in 2-3 weeks.

Happy birthday Melinda.

We miss everyone, we will see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for all the bday wishes! Working out with all of you on a regular basis has quickly become the best part of my days.


Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Melinda!

4:30 results:

Nikki 13:51 Rx
Olan 20:09 75lbs
Rob Ph 17:54 Rx (depth)
Kevin 20:20 75lbs
Karen 19:10 35lbs
Pat 28:38 75/65 lbs
Rachael 19:20 35 lbs
Jim C 27:28 Rx
Kathleen 16:45 35 lbs

Great work everyone!

Nikki said...

5:30/6:30 class results:

Jen S 22:41 (Rx)
Vinny 18:40 (Rx)
Shawn 21:30 (Rx)
Miranda 19:53 (Rx)
Hannah 16:18 (Rx)
Granny 15:20 (Rx)
Rob P 20:33 (Rx)

Jason 21:27 (65)
Conn 23:52 (65)
Sheng Ching 24:05 (45)
Shoeless 20:33 (75)
Jen N 17:19 (15)
Bevin 17:32 (35)
CC 12:44 (33, Front Squat)
Kristy 19:00 (33)
Mike B 16:21 (75)
Maura 16:04 (35)
Liz 21:21 (45)
Charles 25:04 (45)
Sam B 17:07 (75)
Jessica 23:25 (35/15)
Nicole St 19:20 (25/15)
Kevin C 25:53 (95/75, 80 reps)
Jackie 16:05 (25)
Lisa 26:21 (35/25)
Tim H 26:18 (65)
Patti 22:21 (45)
Flounder 24:58 (55)
Tim G 26:05 (85)

Good work on a tough WOD today! Happy Birthday Melinda!

jen said...

Thanks for coaching tonight Nikki~ you're a great coach! And thanks to all the great coaches helping out and keeping the box going during this time! Much much appreciated!~ Grans

Christina Carnevale said...

OMG I love Enrique. If it goes on the box mix, I will come every day. That is all.

Nikki said...

Thanks Grans! It's always great to have you in class!

Shawn Tammaro said...

Sam B--Nice work on your muscle up to handstand push up. I thought that move was impossible but apparently not. This was after doing a complete shoulder work out. You're an animal