Lindsey 210#

Gabe 185#

Nikki 275#

Kimberly 245#

Jim C. 400#

W.O.D. 10.6.10

Sumo Deadlift

Banded Box Squats
2 reps x 12 sets

(compare to 8.18.10)
(compare to 6.8.10)

Local Press:
A Fitness System Stresses Simple Exercises by Art Carey in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Steve's Club in American Fitness.

Kit Zipf's Bio featured at CrossFit South Brooklyn after winning their Fight Gone Bad Competition with a whopping score of 377! Congrats Kit!

Foggy and Groggy by Chris Plentus

"Isabel-Off" with Josh Everett and Dave Lipson at the CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open - video [wmv] [mov]


"There is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power."
-Honore de Balzac

Joe A 500
Kristy 175
Bekah 185
Kristin T 185
Charlie 325
Megann 155
Tom S. 340
Dorothy 170
Kimberly 245
Mom 75
Kristen S. 195
Donkey 225
Jim C. 400
Katie H. 155
Mel 205
Tim H. 315
Lindsey 210
Jen S. 240
Katie F. 123
Flounder 295
Denise 123
Peterson 385
Sandy 155
Liz 170
Conn 330
Sheng-Ching 213
Miranda 260
Charles 215
Borden 340
Jeff 300
Teamari 125
Karen 205
Kev 365
Nikki 275
Gabe 185
Brian R. 285
Jerry 225 form
Joe M. 375


Nikki said...

6:00am sumo superstars -
Joe A - 500
Kristy - 175
Bekah - 185
Kristin T - 185
Charlie - 325
Megann - 155

Great job everyone! Saw some awesome PRs today - especially Joe A who hit the big 5-0-0!! Form looked great all-around.

Ellie said...

Congrats Kit - very impressive!

And also to Joe! 500...wow...

Jason Lyons said...

very proud of you joe! that is a HUGE milestone. outstanding effort!

Joe A said...

Thanks Ellie and Jason...yeah that 500 was very elusive for a while. Persistence and perseverence pays off.

Laura Pappas said...

Hot damn, 377 FGB great work Kit!

Charles said...

Yeah, my friend got third in that FGB. I asked who won, and he said, just some guy. I didn't know that that guy was from our box.

Aimee Lyons said...

Huge PR's in the nooner too!

Kudos to the entire noon class, PR's all around in the nooner!

Kimberly has gone from a 90# Deadlift to a #205 to a #245 in the matter of weeks! Congrats!

Jim locked it in to join the 400 club!

Dorothy said...

Nice job Jim!

Chris P. said...

5:30 and 6:30 PR Parties

Katie H. 155 pr
Mel 205 pr
Tim H. 315 pr (20# pr)
Lindsey 210 (55# pr over conventional)
Jen S. 240 pr
Katie F. 123 pr
Flounder 295 pr
Denise 123 pr
Peterson 385 pr
Sandy 155 pr
Liz 170 pr (25# pr)
Conn 330 (60# pr!)
Sheng-Ching 213 pr wow!
Miranda 260 (15# pr)
Charles 215 pr
Borden 340 pr

Amazing numbers folks. You all hit major pr's and had good form doing it. Sheng-Ching for only being here a few weeks and hitting 213, that must feel good! Our veterans Liz and Miranda also hit solid PRs. Lindsey, I think you surprised yourself too. Peterson, Borden, and Conn, big numbers! Nice job everyone.

Peterson said...

WTG on the 400 Jim. I tried it but couldn't get my hips open. NEXT TIME!

Jim Curran said...

Thanks for the kudos on 4 bills, great job to all and those who set PR's. Joe A hauling up a quarter ton....strong Joe!

john said...

Congrats big Joe, thats some big weight buddy!