Happy Birthday Shoeless Joe!

W.O.D. 9.26.10
Tabata Day!

Double Unders
Kettle Bell Swings (35#/55#)

Score is the total of all 8 tabata intervals for all 4 exercises.

A Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 consecutive intervals.

Wall Burpees
Rope Climbs

Community Event:
Stop by the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center At Oaks today for the Sweatin' for Sweater Kittens living beyond breast cancer event. Event runs from 11-5!


"I've always tried to go a step past wherever people expected me to end up."
-Beverly Sills

Jeff: 340
Todd: 351
Karen: 258
Jason B: 372
Grans: 458
Liz: 400
Warnek: 395

Ken: 210 (35/SU)
Kristy: 313 (26.5/SU)


Melanie said...

Happy birthday Shoeless Joe!!!!!

Jen S. said...

Happy Bday!!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Jason Lyons said...

Happy Birthday Shoeless!

Also, great efforts today from everyone!

I have to congratulate Liz who scaled the 8 foot wall AND beat Warnek!

Great day Liz. Shawn is playing catch-up now.

Jim Curran said...

happy birthday Joe. Aimee, sorry we cant make it to the sweater fest, we did make a small donation for a great cause.


Josh said...

Happy bday Joe!

Kristen S. said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!! Hope you enjoy your special day.

JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Jason Lyons said...


you owe me burpees!!!!!

Chris P. said...

Very cool to see your journey at KoP. I enjoy that you get involved with all aspects of the box and are really pushing yourself in the wods. You are always willing to learn which is a strength! Happy birthday buddy.

Joe A said...

Happy Birthday!
Its nice to have another Joe in the box.

Patti said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day!

shoeless said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I'm so grateful that Plentus reached out to me and brought me into your community. All of you had made me feel welcome since day one. I never would have been able to improve my performance so quickly if it wasn't for the coaches' devotion to each of your enthusiastic support. Moreover, getting to know all of you has been so much fun and coming to see everyone at the box is always my highlight of each day!