W.O.D. 9.20.10

Barbell Thrusters 75#/115#
Wall Balls 14#/20# (to a 9ft/10ft target)*

*scaling will be done, as always based on level and ability.

(compare to 12.7.09)

Community Congratulations:
CrossFit KoP hosted a Level 1 Certification this weekend and congratulates Kim G. for completing the course. Tim, Cate, Kim and John all passed the Level 1 Test as well. A big congrats to Nikki for attending the Coaches Prep course in Morristown NJ!

"If you only keep adding little by little, it will soon become a big heap."


Cate 6:11
Aimee 7:22
Jen S. 11:13
Kevin 10:12
Jim C. 12:53
Joe A. 13:48
Mel 15:58
Miranda 9:59
Rob 10:01
Mike B. 9:40
Danny 10:38
Hannah 8:35
Sam B. 10:53
Donkey 14:53

Kara 6:12 (8/45)
Mike R. 5:29 rehabWOD
Rob Ph 9:50 (20/95)
Rachael 15:59 (10/35)
WW 9:50 (10/75)
Gabe 10:26 (20/65)
Jeff Hi. 11:40 (14/65)
Ben 11:55 (10/45)
Vincent 16:42 (20/95)
Tim H. 12:33 (20/65)
Bevin 17:04 (10/53)
Flounder 13:21 (8/65)
Liz 13:46 (14/55)
Nicole St. 10:54 (6/22)
Dana 14:57 (14/55)
Melinda 11:31 (14/65)
Charles 9:22 (14/35)
Sheng-Ching 9:39 (14/35)
Kristy 7:18 (6/35)
Conn 12:44 (20/85)
Borden 13:05 (20/85)
Shoeless 14:29 (20/95)


Jason Lyons said...

Congrats to everyone. Good work on passing the test.

I have a question for everyone. If anyone has silly putty, can you bring it in for me to use for a work demonstration tomorrow. Or if you know where you can get it, get it and I will pay you back. I have looked a few places and I have not found it anywhere. Thanks.

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Tim! So cute that you and Hannah get to celebrate your birthday's in the same weekend! And congratulations too all of you who completed the Level 1 certification and passed the test!

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday Tim, congrats on the Half Ironman yesterday!

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Tim - and one day belated to Hannah. Love the WOD choice :) Ditto on the half iron congrats, that's AWESOME!

Christina (CC) said...

Happy birthday Tim!

Christina (CC) said...

This weekend is the MS Ride City to Shore - thank you to those of you at CFKoP who have donated so generously!

If anyone wants to come down the shore this Saturday, let me know because we are having a celebratory party at our shore house in SIC afterwards (38th Street) and we have room for some crashers.

Likewise, if anyone will be in Ocean City, NJ this weekend, please feel free to come hang out in our team tent (Team Wild Hogs) at the finish line (OCNJ Civic Center) as well! We'd love to have you!

You can email me for more details if you want to come join in the fun (christina [at] paper-rock-scissors [dot] com)

Jason Lyons said...

happy birthday to marley 1 and marley 2. that is what i get for not reading. shame on me.

a half iron-man is pretty crazy. good for you man. what was your time?

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Jason, might want to try 5 below.

Unknown said...

I signed up and paid for the Main Line Run this Sunday, Sept 26th. I cannot go due to teaching CCD committment. If someone would like to go in my place please let me know.
Thank you,
Maura 610-476-9787

Aimee Lyons said...

Congrats Tim for the Half Ironman and to Ditty and Laura for completing the 1/2 marathon! ...and to Mike R for passing his L1 test :)

Mom said...

Happy B-DAY Tim M - heard you did great in your triathlon.

Jen S. said...

Hi Momma & Pappa Marley - Happy Bdays! :)