More flipping action!

Mel and Seth - getting creative with Push-ups in the rocks!

W.O.D. 9.4.10

Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
15 Double-unders
15 GHD Sit-ups
15 Back extensions

Coaches Notes:
Sub for the above movements based on level and ability= tuck-jumps for double unders, butterfly situps for GHD Sit-ups and Superman-back extension for back extensions on the GHD.

"You become what you think about."
-Earl Nightingale


John W. 10 (Rx)
Ken 6 (su)
Tim H. 7 (tj)
Sandy 12 (su)
Ben 7 (du)
Mel 9 (du)
Jeff 9 (part GHD)(du)
Jeff Hi. 9 (du/su)
SAZ (tj)
Jaime 8 (du)
Dorothy 13 (du)
Seth 10 (part GHD)(du)
Kathleen 11 (du)
Lindsey 8 (du)
Peterson 10 (du)

*Kudos to all. I saw some awesome Double Unders today!! Congrats to all the first time double under masters-
Kathleen, Lindsey, Peterson, Jeff Hi. & Ben!!


Dorothy said...

Double Unders!
You know you want some.

Olan said...

9 am and double unders these are a few of my favorite things

Peterson said...

thanks guys, now i don't feel so bad.

Jason Lyons said...

Warnek scares me!