Everyone loves Boobs, why not save a Pair?

On October 16th 10AM - 4PM, we will host our biggest fundraiser of the year and re-grand opening party!

Below you will find notes for our Barbells for Boobs event, so please continue to invite your friends and relatives to the event:

Lululemon will have an amazing Trunk Show throughout the event and the top male and female winners will be awarded with full Lululemon gear...from head to toe! Winners will also be awarded a JourneyMan Pack from Steve's Club.

We will also have additional $1 raffles the day of the event for a variety of special prizes with all of the proceeds going towards Mammograms in Action.

The Donation for the event will be $20 and with that you will receive a T-shirt and be able to complete GRACE-30 Clean and Jerks for time. Rx weight 95#-Ladies/135#-Men. Other weights available that day are 65#, 45#, 22# and PVC. Remember, CrossFit is scalable for all levels and this is a charity event so don't be scared away by the prescribed (Rx) weight...everyone can participate.

In addition to GRACE, we have the following scheduled:

There will be a kids WOD at 12:00PM.

A surprise team WOD at 2:00PM (get your teams of 4 ready to go-teams will consist of either all ladies or all men!!)

There will be mini-WODs from 10-2PM. Give us a buck try your luck!
(top winners in each category will be awarded a prize)
A-cup - max rep jump rope in a minute - Thick Rope
B-cup - max length for a 25# ball throw
C-cup - max Deadlift reps in a minute 95#ladies, 135#men
D-cup- max Rep Wall-balls shots in a minute 14# above 9ft target for ladies and 20# above 10ft target for men

Winners will be announced at 3:30PM.

Currently we have the following athletes signed up. Please post to comments what size shirt you would like. There will be a Men's T and Ladies girlie T...sizes are pretty true to size. Athletes can sign up the day of the event, we are just making sure that we have a good gauge of T-shirts necessary.

Jen S.
John W.
Steph V.
Christine E.
Kim G.
Jay E.
Jeff H.
Mike F.
Maggie G.
Lesha M.
Tom S.
Kristen S.
Ken B.

*On Saturday 9/25 we will have our pre-grace, GRACE practice at the 9AM and 10AM classes. We will review the C & J and execute the WOD!!


Christina (CC) said...

I will take a regular adult (men's) medium. Thanks.

stephanie vincent said...

a men's large please

Ken Blackwell said...

An XL for Ken B.

Unknown said...

Women's medium unless you think a lrg is better for me. :-)

Just Me said...
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donkey said...

women's medium for the donkey

Jeffrey Handler said...

Mens Medium for Jeff H.

Melinda said...

Men's Medium, please. Thank you!

Josh Swaney said...

I'd like to sign up for this, keep forgetting when I go in. Men's medium please!

Patti said...

I would like a women's small please.

Nikki said...

womens small unless you get the really small variety in which case a medium :) Yes I know that was complicated.

Dorothy said...

I signed up on the clipboard at the box.
Women's Medium for me please.

Also, I'd like an early heat for Grace if possible.


Christine said...

Women's medium, please!

Meighan said...

I'd like a small (if they fit like the grey "hot girls" shirt) or a medium if they are teeny tiny!


Erik Miller said...

Aimee, sign me up! xxl please! I'm most excited for the 25 lb ball throw. I like throwing things :)

Kimmers said...

I'll take a woman's large!

Anonymous said...

Men's XL

Jay E

Laura Pappas said...

Aimee add me to the list please - tshirt same as Nikki women's small unless they are super tiny then a medium.

shoeless joe said...

I want to do it too! Still need to sign up. A men's medium t-shirt would be excellent.

Melanie said...

Women's medium for me please.

Rob Miller said...

John and Heather from CFDV would like a men's large and women's medium, respectively. More CFDV goodness to come!

Stacey Frankhouser from CFDV said...

Hey Aimee! I'll take a women's XL and Zach will take a men's XL. Thanks :)

Dan said...

Aimee - CrossFit Hanover is very excited to come and rep your event! Here's our athletes and t-shirt sizes:

Dan - XL
Jim - Med
Dave - Large
Rachael - Women's Cut Large
Heather - Women's Cut Medium
Sarah - Women's Cut Large
Valerie - Women's Cut Medium
Joel - Large
Bridger - Medium
Sheron - Women's Cut Medium

Unknown said...

Los from CFDV

I'll take a Large


Michael Viola said...

I'm in. Large shirt, I assume...

Melissa said...

Hi! Melissa from CFDV will be there! A women's large t-shirt please.

Anonymous said...

Brian from CFDV mens LRG is good for me.

Tom said...

Tom C. from CFDV - Large.