Joe A.


Queen Cate

W.O.D. 9.16.10
Front Squat


60m Prowler Push (95#/135#)
30 Squats
60m Prowler Push
20 Squats
60 m Prowler Push
10 Squats

"There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow."
-O.S. Marden

Front Squat Results:
Karen 95
Ellie 105
Bekah 115
Charlie 215
Kim G. 80
Sheng-Ching 53
Mike R. 185
Cate 145
Donkey 120
Joe A. 245
Rachael 68
WW 115
Dianne 68
Aimee 140

Notable Front Squats:
Donkey 130 x1
Cate 165 x4

Prowler Results:
Karen (50) 3:57
Ellie (95) 5:01
Bekah (95) 4:43
Charlie (135) 3:06
Kim G. (65) 4:24
Sheng-Ching (35) 4:35
Cate (95) 4:39
Joe A. (135) 4:55
Rachael (45 )5:55
WW (90/120) 4:43
Aimee (90) 6:37
Jen S. (90) 6:14


TP said...

GoodMorning CrossFit KOP!

Kara 95#BackSquat, 3:57 Prowler@50#
Ellie 105#, 5:01@95
Charlie 215#, 3:06@135
Kim J 80#, 4:24@65
Bekah 115#, 4:43@95
Shengching 53#, 4:35@35
Mike 185#

~Everyone enjoyed feeling the burn of.............. The Prowler Push.

~Be sure to visit the CrossFit mainpage today and see Aimee's competition picture from when we traveled to Ohio for the regional competition earlier this year on the road to the Games.

Steph V said...

Question for the geeks (You know who you are!) I'm curious if you think there is any difference in using a lighter barbell (say he 15 bar) with the majority of the weight at the ends via bumpers vs the regular bar with most of the weight distributed through the bar with only a little weight on the bumpers. I swear it feels different...but was wondering what physics would say.

shoeless joe said...

Yeeahh physics! @Steph, Jason probably knows more about this than me, but my take is that using only a bar with no weights at the ends requires more effort to balance it. So, it would be harder, but probably work your core muscles more. Here's why: when there are heavy weights at the end, the bar would have a higher moment of inertia, meaning the plates would help the bar resist accidental rotation. I'll leave it to the coaches to try to explain which, if either, is better!

Todd said...

Aimee, nice pic on crossfit.com...textbook form!

Nikki said...

I think it would make the lift harder to have the plates at the end... anytime the center of mass is further from the body it requires more work to stabilize the load. (For example, it's easier to hold a dumbell close to your center, but hard to hold it out away from your body.) I wouldn't necessarily jump to always use the 15# bars though - those are training bars and just aren't of the same quality. (Major differences in the bearings and knurling.) I personally prefer to use a 33 or 45 pounder whenever I can.

Jen S. said...

Kick ass Aim!

Christina (CC) said...

Hi kids,

My team has a football game this weekend at 1pm off Belmont Ave (Fairmount Park, by the Please Touch Museum), and we need one lady and one (possibly two) dudes.

Anyone interested in playing? Co-ed two-hand touch. We are in intermediate level.


Steph V said...

during linda (because we used all the bars) i had to use the 15 bar for the cleans and I swore that day that it felt heavier (from the beginning of the wod). Yesterday I used the 15 for the snatch WOD (to avoid bending of 10 plates on a 45) and again i swear 65lb felt way heavier....which provoked my question. ok now to hear from the top dorks???? where are you J & J?

Jeff said...

Steph, to get an answer from someone who really understands physics, ask John Warnek. As more of a biology type, my answer would be that it feels heavier with weights on the end, Nikki already provided the reason. Also, I would put in some equations that have greek symbols and complicated math to make it look good, but it would be incorrect and therefore embarrassing.

Charlie said...

Since I consider myself a top dork, 65 pounds is 65 pounds. Joe is technically right about the higher moment of inertia, but that also hurts you because it's harder to stop the bar when it does start to rotate.

The bar feeling heavier was probably just how that weight felt that day. Also, any weight at all for that snatch workout felt heavy.

Also, whatever you do, do NOT push that prowler today. You will regret it.

Nikki said...

How am I not a top dork?!? LOL - I admit I didn't take as much physics as Warnek but I've got to be the runner up, having done 2 semesters of calc-based physics as part of my engineering degree!

See, I'm so dorky I get offended when I dont get awarded top dork status!

Chris P. said...

okay, I was going to not comment b/c work is crazy, but as a former enginerd major of 3 years, I'll chime in with a few random thoughts.

1. Although 65 pounds is 65 pounds, how it FEELS to lift it can be very different. A 65 pound stone is going to be much harder to lift than a 65# barbell.

2. Grip is going to be different on bars. Women's bar is 25mm in diameter at the middle, men's is 28mm. Grip matters a great deal. Think of thick bar pull ups or axel bar cleans.

3. What the bar is made from matters as well. A hollow aluminum bar is going to feel different than a solid bar. I don't know the physics, but I bet this changes things. When a bar is solid, you are pushing more weight that is closer to your hands.

4. The distance of the bumpers definitely matters, but I'm not sure which way to go on this one. On one hand it balances the bar better, on the other you have a longer lever to lift where essentially your hands are fulcrums.

5. Spin - the collars on aluminum bars don't spin nearly as well as the heavier bars. And even with 45# bars, spin can vary greatly. Eleiko bars are going to be the best in terms of this. The torque on bumpers can make them FEEL heavier b/c you literally need to spin the bumpers with the bar.

6. Like Charlie said, how you felt that day could have just been the x factor. Mentally you could have thought differently with different bars, thereby affecting your performance.

That's what I got right now. Either way, people should use 15# bumpers at the very least so that 10# bumpers don't break. It's worth using the 15# bar just for this alone.

Melinda said...

Melinda and Dana's Globo Gym WOD:

1200 M run
50 air squats
40 anchored situps
20 push ups
10 burpees
800 M run
50 air squats
40 anchored situps
20 pushups
10 burpees
400 M run
50 air squats
40 anchored sit ups
20 pushups
10 burpees

somewhere around 20 minutes to complete - pretty brutal!

stephanie v said...

thanks everyone- good food for thought! I think i will err on the side of using the 33 girly bar instead of the 15 when I can. Nikki...i think I mistakenly was equating geekiness to more than just smarts. Its easy to get confused between different types of geeks. J&J take geekiness to a whole nother level, independant of degrees and educational background. HEHEHE.

Jason Lyons said...

a 15# bar is shorter between the collars so the moment arms created by the weights are indeed lower but we have two.

a moment arm is simply weight times distance. think of this. grab a sledge and hold it by the end of the handle horizontally and try to raise it up. pretty tough and you probably broke your wrist. grab the handle close to the sledge and you can easily pick it up. cool huh.

now, if we connect two handles together and you grab in the middle, you are able to pick it up again. you have a weight on the other end acting as a counter moment. one would be going clockwise and one would be going anticlockwise. with you as the balance point.

in the end, the weight is 65 pounds and the shortness of the smaller bar will have a minimal effect but it is so much more complicated than that. because the E of Al is much lower than the E of steel so you get bending much easier and that plays with it as well. i can draw diagrams if ya need it.

Anonymous said...

i think we can saftely crown our top geek. come on guys he has diagrams!! :-) love, steph

Jason Lyons said...

i was wrong in what i stated because i kept on forgetting the weights on the end. the torques created by the 15# bar are twice that of the 45# bar. i forgot one had 25's and one had 10's. so, if you moved out of equilibrium, the 15# bar would seem heavier to lift because it would be more ackward. you can experiment with this.

do a sdlhp with a 15# bar with 25's versus a 45# with 10's and then move your hands away from the center and see which one gets heavier. if you are aligned perfectly, they should be equivalent.

Chris P. said...

Jason, by holding it with 2 hands, doesn't it create more than 2 moment arms since there is not just 1 pivot point? Agreed about E as well...

Melanie said...

You guys are so smart!!!! I love it! Can you picture some globo-gym meat-headed deusch bags trying to have this conversation?

Jason Lyons said...

i am making the assumption that the lifter is doing a backsquat at the hands are doing nothing. the weight of the bar will be dictated through the middle.

| | |
P1 P2 P1
d d

Chris P. said...

Jas, gotcha, I was thinking cleans...

Globo gym WODs
Front Squat

10 rounds of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats)

Josh said...

Aimee - saw your pic on the mainpage. Is that a vein in your shoulder??! Insane strength.

Aimee Lyons said...

I'm going to leave my inner "geek" out of this one and let the rest of you battle it out.

@Josh- Yes, it's a vein...LOL. It will be back in January!

@Todd and Jen S.-Thx.

@TP- Thank You for being a super sneak and sending that picture in. I was shocked to see it on the main page.

Christina (CC) said...

This post was like a car wreck - terrible to read through but I couldn't stop looking, trying to see if I could make sense of the mess in front of me.

Christina (CC) said...

You guys are too smart for me to handle!

Charlie said...

What's with this (95) next to my name? I demand satisfaction!

shoeless joe said...

CC! Do you still need a guy for your football game? I don't remember seeing what day it is, but if it's Sunday then I might be interested.

Aimee Lyons said...

Charlie- the board said 95...don't shoot the messenger :) You are all set!

Christina (CC) said...

Joe, we are good on players for Saturday, we managed to scrounge something together - I will keep you in mind in the future though :)