Paleo Potluck

When: This Friday April 16th, immediately following the 6:30PM class... about 7:30PM!

What: Everyone should bring their favorite Paleo/Whole9/Zone/Whatever Dish with a recipe card indicating what the ingredients are so people can pick and choose what they want to try. At the end of the night we will collect the recipe cards and put them into an email to send to everyone. Make sure to include your email on the back of the Recipe card as well! Booze is welcome, but will not be supplied.

Where: Donkey's house- Directions at the box.

Everyone is welcome, as long as you bring PALEO FOOD!


Chris P. said...

Ditty and I are going, we're bringing Mike F's favorite: pumpkin muffins!

Anonymous said...

I can't make it this Friday BUT...

I am having a LOST Finale party at my house - Sunday, May 23 (per ABC's website). Anyways, if anyone is a LOST watcher and wants to come, I am going to set up both TV's to make sure everyone can see and we are going to do a potluck type of thing and we can grill out. We have a regular group that gets together, so they will also be there, but any CrossFitters who want to come, the more the merrier.

Show starts at 9 (two-hours), pre-show recap at 8pm, so I'm thinking to come over for drinks/beers/food on the deck starting at 6?

Let me know who wants to come and I will add you to the evite/facebook invite.

Chris P. said...

Who is this?

And why do I love Lost so much???

Jason Lyons said...

Sounds like CC to me

CC said...

Yes it's me, CC! I Don't know why my name doesn't show up when I do this from work -- clearly my boss is blocking it. Grrrr. So yes, come over.