Pucker up Jaime!

Mel contemplating the Squat.

Get some Kim!

Ellie fighting for a little more depth.

W.O.D. 4.18.10
Back Squat


Metcon for time:
5 Dumbbell burpees*
50 sit-ups
10 Dumbbell burpees
40 sit-ups
15 Dumbbell burpees
30 sit-ups
20 Dumbbell burpees
20 sit-ups

*With the jump on the DB burpee, the DBs will stay at your side. Scale weight of DB according to level and ability.

Rob Orlando does the Bear with 200lbs - video [wmv] [mov]

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"We generally make too much of winning.
Let's face it, someone always has to win;
that is the nature of competition.
But the mere fact of winning doesn't make you great."
-Wilt Chamberlain


Tom 245x10/13:11/50#
Deb 130x4/9:59/30#
Cindy 145/12:41/25#
Jeff 175/11:05/40#
Ellie 110/12:41/25#
Kim S. 115/10:50/20#
Jay S. 205/14:25/145#
Joe D. 225/15:32/135#
Jim C. 225/14:14/50#
Mel 120/12:09/25#
Darlene 65/13:41/20#
Jaime 83/13:27/30#
Alex 75/12:46/30#
SAZ 80/16:34/25#


Jeff said...

So help me out here - for the DB burpees, we do the pushup, then grab the dumbbells and jump - but do we try to clap overhead with the dumbbells? Can we bring our own helmets? If you hit your head with the dumbbells do you have to clean up the blood right away or can you wait until after the WOD? And if you knock yourself out with the dumbbells does the clock stop, or does it keep going until you wake up and finish all of the exercises? :)☺

Aimee Lyons said...

Jeff- I guess post WOD all your questions have been answered!