CrossFit KoP Announces the WODs for the Affiliate Cup Team Tryouts

Sunday- April, 11th 8AM-1PM

There will be five WODs which will start every hour on the hour…so the quicker you finish, the more time for rest you have. The order of the WODs will be announced Saturday.

Sign up by Thursday at 8AM:

Sign-ups can either be done by posting to comments, on this thread or emailing crossfitkop@gmail.com.

1-Carry your body weight on a barbell 400m for time. You will load a barbell, on the floor, with your body weight and carry it 400m. You can clean it and carry it in a front rack or back rack and you can deadlift it the entire way if you are unable to clean your body weight. There is a 15-minute cap on this workout. For those that do not finish, placement will be determined by distanced traveled.
2-Row 1500m, 21 thrusters (75/55#), 21 strict pull-ups (5 MUST be L-pull-ups) for time. There is a 10-minute cap on this workout. For those that do not finish, placement will be determined by those completing the most amount of reps.
3-3 Rounds for time: 10 front squats (200/135#) followed by 90 seconds of double-unders. At the end of the WOD, each double-under performed removes 1 second from your score. There is a 10-minute cap for this workout. For those that do not finish, placement will be determined by repetitions completed.
4-Tabata squats followed by 4 minutes of muscle-ups. You will take your AVERAGE Tabata squat numbers and multiply it by the number of muscle-ups that you can complete in 4 minutes. If you are unable to perform a muscle-up, your score will be your AVERAGE Tabata squat number. In the TABATA, rest will be in any fashion you choose. This workout is 8 minutes in duration.
5-15 consecutive clean and jerks. In this WOD, you will have 10 minutes to determine the highest weight that you can consecutively clean and jerk 15 times. Consecutive means that the barbell must touch and go from the floor. You are allowed to “rest” in the high hang, the front rack, or overhead. The highest weight will determine the winner.

The first WOD will begin at 8:00AM and there will be another WOD every hour with the last WOD going off at 12:00PM. The 9:00AM and 10:00AM classes will be performing the same WODs as the athletes trying out for the Affiliate Team. You are encouraged to bring recovery food as you see fit and we encourage you to bring your family and friends to watch you compete. Judith, the Massage therapist will be on hand all day. To secure your spot for a massage sign up today.

Each athlete will have a certain place finish after every WOD. At the end of the day, the athletes with the lowest totals will be named to the Affiliate Cup Team: For instance:

Jason: WOD 1 (4), WOD 2 (2), WOD 3 (1), WOD 4 (6), WOD 5 (2) = 15
Swine: WOD 1 (3), WOD 2 (1), WOD 3 (3), WOD 4 (1), WOD 5 (3) = 11

In this example, Swine would place ahead of Jason in the final rankings. The top 3 males and top 3 females will be named to the Affiliate Team that travels to Logan, Ohio to compete on May 7th and 9th and represent CrossFit KoP. If the top three females should end up being Female A, Female B, and Female C and all three decide to compete individually in Logan, whichever females finish 4, 5, and 6 would represent CrossFit KoP in Logan. However, it is important to note that should the CrossFit KoP Affiliate Team that competes in Logan qualify for Aromas AND Female A, Female B, and Female C fail to qualify individually, they would once again be the top three females in the rotation in determining the line-ups for Aromas.

Scaling will be allowed, the higher place will be awarded to the individual who scales the least (even if it is the worst time/score).

Jeff, Cindy, Donkey, Cate, Melanie, Steph V, Kristen,

Aimee, Kerry, Kit, Mike V, Plentus, Laura, Nikki, Todd, Ditty, Jen S., Joe A., Tim P.

We will need one judge per athlete competing so please volunteer. You do NOT need to be Level 1 certified and you will be instructed on the range of motion that we are expecting before the competition.

We are in dire need of judges for the event, so if you would like to help in that manner, please contact Jason and volunteer your services. If you cannot volunteer for the entire day but can help for a few hours, please do so.

Any help is greatly appreciated, if you have any questions at all, please direct them to Jason or post to comments.


Michael Viola said...

Wow. Count me in for the fun...

Kit said...

Its on like Donkey Kong, see you sunday.

yes...that means i'm in.

Melanie said...

Jason, I am happy to volunteer as a judge.

Chris P. said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I can volunteer!

Cindy Handler said...

Jas, I am assuming there will a judge's meeting to discuss the WODs and standards. I am hoping it's NOT at 7 AM on Sunday ... please?

Jason Lyons said...

The judges meeting will take place the day before if you are around. I know some people are traveling. Honestly, the standards will be given before the WOD and the people that volunteer should be able to pick it up rather quickly. As a judge, you will need to worry about only a few things...

1) Hip crease below knee crease and FULL extension on top of squat. Fully pressed out muscle ups starting for dead hang
2) barbell does not roll forward when dropped during the carry
3) hip crease below knee crease on front squat and rope clears feet twice on double under
4) barbell can not rest on ground...it can only be rested in high hang, front rack or overhead and the bar MUST be jerked.
5) hip crease below knee crease in thruster full locked out overhead with elbow OVER shoulder. pull-ups need to begin at dead hang, full extended and finish with chin over bar. NO KIP of any sort is permitted. A kip will be considered a closing AND opening of the hip. during L-pull-ups, the angle with torso and legs must be 90 degrees or less. Feet must be above butt.

Nikki said...

i think you need more squatting WODs

Nikki said...

ok that was a joke. seriously we are not going to have any legs after this is over!

i'm definitely in, with the caveat that my shoulder is still very painful for certain movements - the worst being supporting myself on the rings. best case i'll compete and just not do any muscleups (dammit! my one chance to get ahead!). worst case i wont compete.

Jason Lyons said...

The WODs are not designed to be easy. The WODs are designed to identify those that will excel in a situation where your body will be taxed to the extreme. Following a 7k run by a deadlift workout less than 30 minutes after you finish is also a tremendous abuse of your lower body. The pain you endure will be less than 55 minutes. You will recover, I promise.

Chris P. said...

I think we need some ladies up in this piece yo...

Laura Pappas said...

Count me in too.

Kristen said...

Count me in as a volunteer/judge. Maybe someday I will be able to compete...maybe...

Aimee Lyons said...

Miranda? Ditty? Jen S?

KDitty said...

Alright I'm in. A birthday present for Aimee : )

Aimee Lyons said...

Thanks Ditty! you are off the hook for birthday burpees then! haha!

Anonymous said...

I won't be able to make it Sunday :-(
Good luck to everyone!!!!