Happy Belated Birthday John!
Your smile is contagious and your humble attitude and camaraderie is unmatched by most!

W.O.D. 4.12.10

Clean High Pull

Split Jerk

Clean and Jerk

Robb Wolf's Paleolithic Solution Seminar:
CrossFit Hoboken, NJ

How are you doing with the challenge? How is your month? What are your thoughts feelings? Do you have any questions?

Plentus, Evan, Laura, Dave and myself had the opportunity to go to Robb Wolf's Paleolithic Solution Seminar in Hoboken, NJ this weekend...it was amazing and we want to share it with you! As previously posted in comments, I think a few of you were interested in having a special "nutrition" session. Plentus and I are willing to organize a "nutrition session" for a small group where specific questions could be fielded. Please post to comments if you are interested and we will organize a date and time.

Have you made the Mexi-Salad yet?
Click here for the recipe.

Click here to view some great pictures from Cate and Hannah's baby Shower!

"Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer; into a selflessness which links us with all humanity."
Lady Nancy Astor

Jaime 75
Jerry 185
Kim J. 110
Andy 145
Deb 95
Kara 85
Chris 85
Dave 115
Kristen 83
JZ 125
Darlene 50
Kathleen 55
Cindy 83
Olan 155
Dorothy 90
Shawn 185
Liz 93
Claire 108
Rob 185
Pukie 205
Brendan 150
Maureen 55
Justin W. 40


donkey said...

nutrition seminar...definitely yes!

KDitty said...

Happy Birthday John! Congrats on the team! Awesome job today. Thanks for the jerky today.

Unknown said...

in for a nutrition seminar to listen and learn.

JZuck said...

Count me in for a nutrition seminar

Chris P. said...

Folks who competed yesterday, amazing stuff, both in performance and effort. Jason, thanks for programming and organizing: they were great WODs and a seamless day. Judges, as always I think you guys work harder than competitors. Thanks for volunteering. I really liked how we kept this "in house" and were able to cheer and watch KoPers. I imagine this is what it will be like for the King and Queen of Prussia title!

My Top 3 moments of the day:
3. Eating that ham right off the bone afterwards
2. Watching Jason skip and dance around during the day
1. Ditty finishing that bodweight-carry the last 30 yards

Now, for those who competed, be sure to take 2-3 days off, MINIMUM. It's crazy how many people (including myself) got sick after Sectionals. Hopefully you're as sore as I am and will NEED to rest, but even if you're not, do it anyway. Come to the box to socialize, jump rope, foam roll, stretch, etc. but don't go heavy or intense until Wed. or Thurs. If you follow OPT (James Fitzgerald) and his programming, he tells competitors to take a few WEEKS off after Sectionals.

Happy Belated Birthday John!

Jason Lyons said...


you are good people man. i think this picture shows you at your very best. it is difficult to find a picture in which you are not smiling...even if it is during a wod. your eagerness to support kop is awesome and appreciated.

Melanie said...

Hi everyone,
AMAZING work yesterday!!! I saw a lot of you keep pushing through those WOD's and you showed immense determination and strength through it all! You continue to inspire me every day and it was an honor to judge you.

Props to Jason for doing such a great job organizing the event and keeping it on schedule throughout the day.

Happy belated birthday John! I wish I had your nack for recovering from the the night before and performing as well as you did!

For those of you doing the 30 day challenge, I found a great link with tons of free paleo recipes. Feel free to check this out:

Have a great day!

Jen S. said...

hi John! Happy Bday! Thanks for the encouragement yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Great job everyone!!! John--Happy Birthday!!!!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday John!

Congrats to the team!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday john. it was awesome to watch your finish on the body weight wod. I love that you manage to crack jokes mid wod. lightheartedness is a beautiful thing!

Kit said...


Happy birthday John!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday John!

CC said...

Happy Birthday John!

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday John! Hope you got to go fishing yesterday afternoon!

donkey said...

sheez, i didn't even see the bit about John's birthday. Happy birthday, John! hope it was awesome :)