WHAT: CrossFit KoP will be participating in and hosting the "Beat the Streets" Fundraiser this year.

WHEN: Join us at 8:00AM on Saturday, May 15th, as CrossFit Affiliates and individuals across the country compete in a "Beat The Streets" Fundraiser WOD to support the Steve's Club National Program, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for at-risk youth fitness.

WHO: Teams of 4 (any age or level) will compete against other teams across the country. For every $1k raised, Affiliates can sponsor an at-risk athlete for an entire year. All donations go directly to the gyms that will train specific kids and teens in tough neighborhoods to get them off the streets and into CrossFit.

AMRAP 15 min:
Station 1: Burpees
Station 2: KB Swings
Station 3: Pullups (chest to bar)
Run 200m

All athletes begin at the same time and switch when the runner returns. When the runner comes back in, he/she goes to Station 1 (Burpees) and everyone goes to the next station (Burpees goes to KB Swings, KB Swings go to Pullups, Pullups go to the run).

SCORING: Count total # of reps (sum of Burpees, KB Swings, and Pullups), team with the highest # wins.

SCALING: For KB swings, there will be a men's weight (1.5 pood/24kg/53lbs) and a women's weight (1 pood/16kg/36lbs). KB swings can be done with dumbbells if necessary. Scaling for youth teams should be determined by the local hosts.

STANDARDS: KB swing - bottom of the KB must face the ceiling, judges should be able to see the athlete's ears. Burpees - athlete must touch their chest to the floor on each rep, how they get down/up is up to them (no pushup is required), and must clap overhead at the top as they jump (should be able to see their ears). Pullup (chest to bar) - athlete can do whatever type of pullup they like, as long as their chest (just below clavicle).

TRANSITIONS: Athletes can only switch stations once they get a high-five from their teammate (prevents athletes from leaving early). During the high-five, the athlete that has just finished at that station will give the arriving athlete the "count" of what they are up to. For example, Athlete A is on burpees, and when Athlete D comes in from the run, Athlete A has done 20 burpees and tells Athlete D "20" and Athlete D begins counting with 21 (this is easier than trying to add it all up at the end).

TEAM DETAILS: Teams must have at least 1 female athlete. We can enter as many teams as we want, but our goal as an Affiliate is to raises $1k (total) to Sponsor an Athlete. Non-affiliated teams and cross-affiliate teams are allowed and encouraged, but are asked to shoot for the $1k target. If a team or Affiliate raise less than $1k, they can still compete and donate whatever possible to Steve's Club.
Teams can have kids/teens as athletes on their team (it's up to the host or team to scale the weights appropriately for that athlete). Youth teams (18yrs and younger) are encouraged, with no fundraising requirement to compete.

1st place - 3 months supply of PaleoKits = $450 Value (Package of 25 Large PaleoKits sent each month)
2nd place - 2 months supply of PaleoKits = $300 Value (Package of 25 Large PaleoKits sent each month)
3rd place - 1 months supply of PaleoKits = $150 Value (Package of 25 Large PaleoKits sent each month)


stephanie vincent said...

Who do i need to talk to. to be a volunteer!! :-)

Aimee Lyons said...

Steph- I set you up on the Volunteer list!

I will have a sign up at the box so we can start to get some teams together for the WOD.