Let's start getting excited about this GREAT fundraiser!

Just in...a few NEW notes regarding the Beat the Streets fundraiser on Saturday 5/15 at 8AM @ CrossFit King of Prussia.

Donations of any quantity are welcome and will allow you to participate in the event. Unfortunately, Steve's Club currently does not offer a "registration site" (similar to the Fight Gone Bad sites many of you used last year), so we suggest that teams/individuals ask for donations as cash or checks (checks can made payable to CrossFit King of Prussia and it will then be rolled up into a larger donation to be paid directly to "Steve's Club"). Our goal as an affiliate is to raise $1K to to sponsor an athlete!

More Info:
Click here to read the previously published information.

Team registration form:
Beat the Streets Registration Form

Post to comments or sign up at the box if you are in for the WOD!

The WOD:
Team WOD competition - 4 athletes constitute a team (must have at least 1 female athlete).
AMRAP 15 min:
Station 1: Burpees
Station 2: KB Swings
Station 3: Pullups (chest to bar)
Run 200m

All athletes begin at the same time and switch when the runner returns. When the runner comes back in, he/she goes to Station 1 (Burpees) and everyone goes to the next station (Burpees goes to KB Swings, KB Swings go to Pullups, Pullups go to the run).

Scoring: Count total # of reps (sum of Burpees, KB Swings, and Pullups), team with the highest # wins.

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Cindy Handler said...

Jeff and I will be participating and need 2 more people for our team. Anyone care to join us?