Deadlift + Power Clean Combo

W.O.D. 2.25.09

8 - 8 - 8 - 8

Each set consists of: five (5) Deadlifts followed by three (3) Power Cleans.

Work sets are done according to your Power Clean 3RM and add 50lbs for your Deadlift reps.


For someone with a 95lb 3-RM Power Clean: DL x 5 @ 145lbs, then immediately drop weight and perform PC x 3 @ 95lbs. Example for someone with a 155lb 3-RM Power Clean: DL x 5 @ 205lbs, then immediately drop weight and perform PC x 3 @ 155lbs. If you miss your reps, drop weight but always start with + 50lbs on DL. Use three light build-up sets before starting your first heavy work set.

*Let's thank our friends at CrossFit Ft. Myers for this one! I can't wait for my next visit to Florida to visit Jason Cobb and his crew. My first CrossFit experience was at CF Ft. Myers about a year ago...and I never looked back!


"Like towing a car with a bungee cord." (bent arms in oly lifts)

-Greg Glassman


Sam 165/230

Doreen 95/145

Paul 145/195

Joe 230/280

*awesome cleans today Joe; and let's not forget to congratulate Joe on his 51" box jump, yes that's about 71% of his height.


Laura Pappas said...

Wow guys, looks like a great stregth workout this morning! I did the Tuesday Med Ball Clean workout at FAC over lunch - 16:09...the squats at the end were killer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aimee!

But wow judging by that pic I need to squat down more to get under the bar and bring out my elbows. That landing just looks ugly.

Aimee Lyons said...

Joe- yes, true statement that was an ugly looking pic...like I mentioned today, I'm going to start dropping you down a little in weight to refine your technique and hook grip. Once you can get that stuff solid you will see your PR's fly through the roof! You are strong as can be, so let's refine techinique, get that diet under control and then watch you at the CF Games in 2010!!! We will get you jumping on that 56" box before long!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Joe! 230 lb power cleans for reps and a 51" box jump is impressive.