Jill, Paul and Jason...Med Ball Fun!
W.O.D. 2.24.09
15 Med Ball Cleans
50 Burpees
15 Med Ball Cleans
50 Sit-Ups
15 Med Ball Cleans
50 Push-Ups
15 Med Ball Cleans
50 Squats
15 Med Ball Cleans

Niki (from CrossFit Katy) completes a 100-mile race with CrossFit being the majority of her training: Read.

Only those who push too far, see how far they can go.”

Mike M. 13:40
Scott 12:37
Miranda 17:11
Doreen 16:31
Nicole S. 11:00 (1/2)
Mike F. 18:27
Lisa 15:25
Jill 17:00
Paul 14:05
Jason 20:30


Scott M said...

Wow this should be really fun since i still cant feel my shoulders.

Jason Lyons said...

med ball cleans are even more fun when you have to fully extend your hips before you drop.

1) deadlift position
2) deadlift (fully extended hips)
3) shrug
4) drop

these are not fun...good thing i will be running and doing box jumps.


Anonymous said...

My back is broken from Sunday's WOD! I might pass on this one.

Anonymous said...

well on the bright side, med cleans are better than wall balls :)

Anonymous said...

YES! I am so looking forward to this WOD. I've been on a cruise for four days and I feel like my ass has gotten two sizes bigger.

Anonymous said...

aim, can we have a strength day on friday?! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Strength day on Friday!! :)

Aimee Lyons said...

Sure. Strength day on Friday it is!

JZuck said...

Aimee, I see you got the new space. Congrats! When is the big move? I probably won't make it to class tonight; my hamstring is not working very well, so I will see everyone next week.