...and welcome to CrossFit.
W.O.D. 2.20.09
5 rounds for time:
12 Push Press (95/135)
20 Box Jumps

Learning to Push Press...[wmv][mov]

"Pride is a personal commitment. It is and attitude which separates excellence from mediocrity."

Jon 85-14:04
Mike M. 105-12:12
Tim P 95-9:12
Jen C 60-11:25
Miranda 70-14:25
Mike F. 105-13:36
Jeff 95-13:30
Lisa 70-13:25
Sam 95-11:21
Joe Rxd-18:50
Paul 105-10:38
Jason Rxd-16:32
Scott 95-11:21
Tim M. Rxd-17:18
Hannah 95-rd1/80-15:53
Aimee 95-rd1/85-13:30
I am continually impressed not only by the strength, commitment, determination and perseverance of every athlete at CrossFit KoP; but I am most impressed by all the encouragement you show towards your comrades. No matter what the time on the stopwatch reads or the weight you lift, you are all successful each day you walk through the door and give everything that your mind and body will allow.


Anonymous said...

95 lbs?!?! I am certain my push press max isn't much more than that! i can tell it's going to be a toughie but a goodie.

Appalachian Athlete said...

Hey! I think i can find workable subs for this that won't aggravate my back but will get me working hard....

maybe 24 (or 36) lightweight dumbell presses coupled with step-ups or maybe half ROM pistols.. something like that!

Laura Pappas said...

Hannah I agree - I was like, hmm 95lbs I think my 3 rep max is 85...

Jason Lyons said...

i cant pick my left arm above shoulder level without pain due to that stupid tetnus shot so this should be a fun workout

jen said...

thanks aim!

Anonymous said...

i was impressed with your determination last night. you are a fighter girl! way to push your body to its limits!

Miranda said...


Hannah,Thank you,I appreciate it. I couldn't have finished it with the encourgement from you and everyone else. Having your friends cheer your on, really makes a difference!