Jeff and Lisa.

W.O.D. 2.2.09
Weighted Pull-Ups


Deadlift Cue with Pat Sherwood by CrossFit Again Faster - video [wmv] [mov]


"It’s not how hard you’ve pushed along the way. It’s having something in you to finish."
-Michael Jordan


Congratulations on all the Deadlift PR's!!

Scott 380/85

Jon 225/40

Jill 140

Doreen 175

Miranda 135

Cindy 175

Nicole 180

Paul 295/50

Jeff 225/35

Lisa 165/10

Doug 300/80

Hannah 220

Tim P 280/75

Laura 135/7.5

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!


JZuck said...

Below link has many recipes for "Paleo" meals:


Anonymous said...

Nice Jon, thanks. Laura and I are actually looking into some different versions of the Paleo diet, and found some books that help us understand it more. It's a very strict diet, but can be varied according to the athlete and training that you do.

Anonymous said...

Today was a good strength and form day for everybody it seems. I felt a great difference in keeping my back straight this time around. In addition, watching Hannah deadlift 220lbs made me sqeammish, and Doug teary-eyed; killer effort.

JZuck said...

Tim, Paleo isn't too bad once you get going with it. I follow it pretty strictly except that I eat dairy (mainly cheese). Just stick with a lot of meat and vegetables and use nuts for your fat. Let me know if you find any reading material that is especially helpful. Thanks.

Laura Pappas said...

Yeah Hannah - 220 that's awesome, I think you stunned everyone in class, we were all impressed, and you did it 3 times!

Anonymous said...

some people are good at running, some good at snatches, good at kipping, good at push-ups and so on...me not so much, but it just so happens deadlifts and i get along. props to cindy and nicole for putting up first time big numbers too!
everyone during class in some way shape or form motivates me to push it out. i enjoy working out with you all! keep pushing!!!

Jason Lyons said...

i hate rest days, especially when it is on something that i am pretty good at. from now on, only metcon rest days. lol.

good job everyone, except for scott...you are still a wus. lol. joking.

i was most impressed with cindy. way to go girl.

Anonymous said...

Cindy is a strong woman, don't underestimate her!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww ... thanks guys! I've never been involved in something like CrossFit and am so grateful to be a part of this particular group. Talk about inspiration and support!

We tried to get to the 6:30 tonight but the driveway was just impassable. Never thought I'd be frustrated that I couldn't make it to a workout!