Athlete of the Month: Mike Mitterer aka Pablo

Hometown: not originally from this planet

Current Location: King of Prussia

Age: still trying to carbon date- undetermined

Occupation: still in witness protection, so still trying to figure it out

College: wouldn't accept me

How long have you been a CrossFitter? in my mind my whole life

Did you ever play sports? water aerobics

Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you'd like to share? staying alive

What has been your biggest achievement at CrossFit in general? being allowed to stay.

What skill(s) had you been working on all during 2019, and did (it)they become a success ? Finish a WOD before the next class comes in... Bar Muscle up- YES

Goals for the 2020 year? Trying to find a wife

What's your favorite WOD? one with legless rope climbs (intervals with long rest) pegboard

How about your favorite food/snacks? popcorn, I eat it for my breakfast, lunch every day, then try for a healthy dinner... probably pizza

What is the craziest workout outside of CF you have ever done? running away from my ex wife, it took me 12 years

What’s your least favorite WOD? trying to get my checkbook back from her, I didn't even RX that one

Favorite lift/movement? the down part of the burpee

What’s your least favorite lift/movement? the up part of the burpee

Whats your favorite piece of workout "gear"? pvc bar, always can RX

What you say is your biggest improvement since starting CF? talking to people

Who is your favorite coach? John Mchugh- keeps me moving through the wod and picks me off the floor at the end

PR's to mention? Goals Reached? Nutrition highlights?
But the greatest treasure I have discovered in CrossFit has not to do with any physical accomplishments I might have made, but rather in the sense of being I have found here. For within these walls lies a special community, one that speaks for whatever abilities you walk through these doors with each day, we will all rise together. For what we accomplish together is much greater than any of us as individuals, and on those days you can not find it in yourself. We are all as one in our community and as such we are responsible to and for each other... and for this, I thank you all.

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