W.O.D. 2.22.18

For time, with a partner:
400m Run
200 Double Unders
400m Run
150 Kettlebell Swings (35/53#)
400m Run
100 Wallballs (14#/20# to 9'/10')
Runs must be done together

Community Notes:

The open workout will be announced on tonight at games.crossfit.com at 8pm. The open workout will be the workout for all classes on Friday.  Classes count towards your membership. The last class of the day will be 12:15pm.

Between 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm we will gather for Friday night lights (free for members). At Friday night lights the workouts will be done heat style with no formal warm up. You sign up for a heat when you arrive (or you can have a friend/coach sign you up remotely).  Everyone is welcome to do the workout on Fridays whether you are signed up for the open or not. If you cannot do the workout on friday you have until Monday to complete it.

Please communicate directly with your team captain to schedule a time to be judged.

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tim P said...


Mike S
Brittany........24:19 Rx

Mark Spak......17:42 Rx

Kevin B........15:53 400m runs/ 1/2 reps

Dave B.........22:35 Rx

Anna........... 18:15 row/bike, 1/2 reps

Jenna said...

Jay/ nicole r 26:29 (26/35 rus, 17” step up, 10#wb)

CFKOP iPad said...

Gigi/ Barb C 21:17 400 m row 8/18# 50 dua
Dad/ Terry J 21:04 500 m row 100 reps 35/14# 26/12#

Stephanie Vincent said...

Brian R/ Kyle G 23:40 (200 su/75du, 14#wb,35/44kb)row
Mike M/ Olan 26:24 (9',dua)
Julia/ Alex Th 23:26 (100dua,26#,8#)row
Jilla 16:27 1/2 reps row

Rob C/ Joe S 24:00 rx row
Fayth/ Steph C 24:54 (dua, 30kb) row
Matt E/ Kat 24:26 (50dua,26kb,8) row
Alona/ Mike C 20:12 rx/44, 14#
Sam B/ Kevin L 22:03 (su/dua)

Kat said...

Kat PR 2 dubs in row!

Matt did rx of course :-)

CFKOP iPad said...

Danielle G/Ashley M 19:35 Rx/row,10#wb
Lindsey/Laura/Caitlyn 24:07 Rx,row/18#kb,10#wb,row/rx

Unknown said...

Love the partner WODs. I think you push yourself harder to keep from disappointing your partner. You get to know people a little better too.