Thanks to all for your donations for Upper Merion Emergency Aid. 

 We will also be donating $25 to the organization thanks to your check-ins in February! 

Our check in for Charity for March will be Spring Fling for Shannon. 

 Shannon was badly injured in a car accident when she was 14 years old. The Spring Fling Benefit will raise funds to assist with Shannon's continued care. If you would like to attend the benefit event on April 28th talk to Jenna or check out the flyers posted at the gym.

A note from Jenna:
(I met Shannon in 6th grade . We were best friends immediately. When we were in 9th grade we got a call about Shannon being hit by a car...they didn't think she was going to make it. We went to see her a few days later with her mom at the hospital. She was in the ICU and in a coma. We had to wear sterile sheets over our clothes and gloves. Slowly but surely Shannon has been making her way back with some up and downs in between. First by opening her eyes, learning how to communicate by pointing or drawing, then a little bit more upper body gestures. Little things like giving kisses, spelling our names, and even saying "love you" are amongst her biggest accomplishments to date, other than standing with some assistance! Her parents had to have their house completely redone. Renovating everything with custom showers, beds, and rooms. She requires a 24/7 nurse at her house, but is now able to go to special classes for school and physical therapy. These fundraisers help pay for those nurses, medicine, schooling, etc. This year will be the 11th anniversary of the accident. )

 When you are at the gym this month check in on social media and use the hash tags #checkinforcharity and #springflingforshannon to add to our donation.

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