What is the CrossFit Open? 
The CrossFit Games stand alone as the ultimate test of fitness. No test, regardless of its lofty claims, can grant legitimate title to the best without first providing access to all. The Games season begins with the online Open. Registration is open to everyone. All you need is $20, access to basic CrossFit-style equipment, and the will to compete in the five-week, five-workout competition. More than 272,000 people from around the globe competed in 2015.

As the largest CrossFit community event of the season, the Open ties together athletes from within the same gym to those in their broader city, country, and world. For five weeks, you—and the hundreds of thousands of other people who signed up—are at the whim of the Director of the Games Dave Castro, taking on workouts that may push you to learn a new skill, improve the skills you already have, or go into a darker place than you've ever been before.

You can complete the workouts at a participating CrossFit affiliate in front of a judge, or film your performance from anywhere you want and submit a link as proof. Each weeks workout is released on Thursday at 8:00PM and scores are due four days later (before 8:00PM the following Monday). You are free to make as many attempts at the Open workout as you please; your only limit is time.

The best of the best will use the Open to launch themselves into the next stages of the Games season. Though for most, the Open is an end in itself. Completing the same workout as the world's fittest athletes is an accomplishment, as is logging a score for all five weeks. Each time a workout is released, athletes will be given two versions: Rx'd and Scaled. With reduced loading or less challenging movements, the scaled option will be designed to make the Open even more accessible.

Registration begins: January 14, 2016 and the Open begins February 25, 2016.

16.1: Feb. 25 - 29
16.2: March 3 - 7
16.3: March 10 - 14
16.4 March 17 - 21
16.5 March 24 - 28

For those of you new to our community, here is some information on how CrossFit KOP does the Open:

Once you sign up, you will be “drafted” onto a team. Each team is led by 1 or more coaches

Every Friday night, we have our own version of “Friday Night Lights”-it’s an electric atmosphere where we run continuous heats of the programmed Open wod. You don’t want to miss this-you will work harder than you probably ever have in CrossFit, and achieve things you thought were impossible

Teams battle against each other for the top spot throughout the 5 weeks. The only way you can hurt your team is by not doing the workout. But if you show up and compete, you can only help them.

There’s usually a little get together "stink and drink" afterwards-no more exercise, just pizza and beer.

This year we are planning to help you get prepared for the OPEN with some special sessions: 
The CrossFit OPEN EFFICIENCY SERIES will be set up to help you with some of the movements you are bound to see in the open:

The sessions will run on the following dates and times, all sessions will be an hour in length and cost $10 per session. Each will consist of a skill and some will also re-test previous OPEN workouts.

Tuesday 6:30PM:
1/19-Pullups (kipping, butterfly, and chest to bar)
1/26- Handstand Push-ups/Wallballs
2/2-Muscle Up (Ring and Bar)
2/9-Toes to Bar/Box Jumps
2/16-Cycling Barbell Movements/Double Unders

Saturdays 9:00AM (skill + WOD):
1/23--15.1 + 15.1a

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