Girls on Girls

On Saturday, January 16th, CrossFit King of Prussia will be hosting our first Girls on Girls Throwdown. There will be 64 teams (of two ladies) from across the tri-state area competing at CrossFit King of Prussia, the event will run from 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM. All the workouts are plays on the original benchmark ladies of crossfit.com. 

Regular classes will be CANCELLED all day on the 16th but please drop in to support these amazing CFKoP ladies who will be putting it all out there and competing:
Regi and Laura A.
Jill A. and Ashley B.
Shawna and Jackie
Sarah and Miranda
Aimee and Cate
Pam and Dana
Alison and Diane
Fayth and Steph C 
Theresa and Manisha
Rachel and Michal

If anyone would like to volunteer please contact Giulia at giuliaumile@gmail.com

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