Welcome Coach Rachel

Please join us in welcoming Rachel to our coaching team at CrossFit King of Prussia, she has been a part of our community since 2013. She recently took and passed her CrossFit Level 1 and proceeded to go through the shadowing process at CrossFit King of Prussia for the last few months. Check out her bio below to learn a little more about this amazing lady. We are honored to have her on our team!

Rachel participated in athletic activities but was a hobbyist more than a dedicated athlete throughout her life; she tried dance, lacrosse, field hockey, and rugby throughout school. After graduating from Penn State, she became a Media Planner/Buyer by day and a restless couch potato by night. So, she joined a gym and fell into a routine – arms, legs, cardio, rinse and repeat! While on the treadmill, she saw an infomercial for Insanity and decided that this was the next level in fitness. A year later, as she lay on the floor mid-way through the DVD, she realized that the trainer had no clue whether she was moving or not-listening to a TV truly was insane! During a YouTube binge one day she found a documentary-style series about one man’s journey through CrossFit. After a sub-10 minute intro workout kicked her butt (lead by a live coach-already an improvement over her then routine), she knew that this was the place where she’d see results!

Rachel has now doubled the time she’s spent on any other fitness program with CrossFit and is still maxing out her membership. CrossFit is more than a hobby - to Rachel, it is a culture that teaches growth, acceptance, and dedication. In her two years, she’s found appreciation for her body’s strength and power, understood the importance of health, gained a respect for discipline and perseverance, and seen improvement in her abilities. Most of all, she is grateful for CrossFit King of Prussia’s community. Learning, laughing, and sweating alongside the members here are what keep her engaged and coming back for more!

Rachel enjoys long ‘chipper’ workouts and her favorite movements include box jumps, kettlebell swings, any type of squats, cleans, and the (widely hated) thruster. When Rachel isn’t at the box, you can find her enjoying a meal with friends or spending quality time with her fiancĂ©e, Bryan, and her dog, Mase.

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